Still not too late to start a Profitable Business in 2023-Turn Your Skills & Passion Into Money!

Muhammad Saqib

August 17, 2023

Still not too late to start a Profitable Business in 2023-Turn Your Skills & Passion Into Money!

Do you intend to work as an entrepreneur full-time? Or are you trying to find a second source of income through a side business? Find the business idea that suits your skill set, resources, and goals.

Though we are in 3rd quarter of 2023, it is still not too late to start a profitable business because the COVID-19 pandemic’s effects have finally faded, and there is a lot more room for entrepreneurial spirit compared to the last 2 years. According to the US Chamber of Commerce, over 60% of small business owners review their company “in good shape” at the start of this year, compared to only 25% in 2020. 

With the appropriate idea and helpful advice, turn your hobby, talents, or free time into a business. In this article, let’s examine some of the top small business concepts for 2023.

What Characterizes the Ideal Business Idea?

Before learning more about current trends, you should be able to assess whether any idea is appropriate for you. Following are some standards for a good idea:

  • Addresses a particular need or issue in your community
  • Clearly defines its audience
  • Possesses a profitable and expandable company plan as well as a strong competitive edge
  • Reduced initial costs are necessary
  • Offer the possibility of expansion and profitability
  • Flexible enough to adjust to changes in the market and sector

A great small company idea should also showcase your abilities, hobbies, and interests and have a clear vision, mission, and values compatible with both your personal and professional objectives.

Ideas for Sustainable Businesses When You Possess “The Skill”

For talented workers with full-time positions, starting a business or going self-employed is a terrific opportunity to advance your career, especially if you have mastered highly sought-after talents and have past work experience.

Open Repair Shop

Machines and technologies are expanding, increasing their repair needs. Repair shops might target a particular clientele by specializing in specialized repairs such as electronics, automobiles, or appliances. Positive word-of-mouth referrals will help you develop repeat business and attract future customers without marketing costs when you offer top-notch customer service and high-quality repairs.

Electronics Repair

Modern electronics, like smartphones, tablets, and other complicated products, are necessary for daily living. Additionally, many individuals are attempting to prolong the lives of their current equipment rather than purchasing new ones. Because of this, there is an increasing need for skilled experts in this industry, which is good news for repair technicians.

You can run your business from home or rent a tiny workplace to reduce the initial investments. Also, consider the cost of additional tools, parts, and marketing expenditures, but they won’t break the bank. Customers are ready to spend substantially more than the cost of the repair parts to repair their gadgets, resulting in substantial profit for you.

Computer Repair

After Covid, the culture of working from home has increased manifolds. Every working person and student now requires a working laptop or a personal computer to keep their office/business work or studies done uninterrupted. That resulted in Computer repair services being in high demand. If you know how to repair computers and have some previous training or experience, you can provide these repairs at suitable prices. Owning a computer repair business allows you to choose your hours. 

Auto Repair

If you enjoy working on cars and have the necessary certifications, it’s time to open a garage because good mechanics are always in demand. Specialized mechanics in automobile brands or models can establish themselves as the local authority on such repairs and develop a successful business. Depending on your degree of competence, this business can generate a good income with relatively minimal start-up money.


Starting any business is tricky and requires meticulous planning of marketing and management. CellSmart POS is a business management software that helps business owners to ease business management and get helpful tools for marketing to increase revenue. Our repair POS software has helped in hundreds of repair stores’ expansion. Let us help you start your successful journey as a business owner. Get in touch!

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