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Cash Count

Unaccounted loss is dangerous for any business!

With CellSmart POS, you won't have to worry. All your cash will be accounted for. 

Cash Count

Cash Count

CellSmart POS provides a cash count feature that helps you keep track of what's coming in and what's going out.

Cash Count
Accurate Cash Count Detail

Our software provides you with details for the cash account with "short", "over", and "good to go".

What do the terms “short”, “over”, and “good to go” mean?

Short: When you’re short on cash, the quantity in your register is less than the amount calculated by the software.

Over: When you reach the end of the day, the quantity of cash in your register exceeds the amount calculated by the software.

Ready to go: When you read this notice, it signifies the quantity of cash in your register corresponds to the amount computed in the software for that shift.

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Find out more Features

More Features

Cash Pickup

Never lose a single dollar from your register!

Keep track of all your cash pickups with CellSmart POS.

Cash Pickup

Reduce risk of losing cash

With the cash pickup feature, you can easily keep track of every single cash payment.

Cash Pickup
Add unlimited payees

For taking any cash out of your registers, you will need the payee to enter the purpose of taking it out. This will help you have all the details of your cash taken out from daily sales. CellSmart POS allows you to add unlimited payees.

View payees' cash pickup history

Our software allows you to keep track of all the cash pickups done in the past for the same payees. This means if you have taken out the cash for the electricity bill payment, and you have this saved as payee, then you would be able to see all of the cash pickups done for this purpose in recent months.

Pos Software
Add notes with each cash pickup
Add notes with each cash pickup

This feature allows you to add any notes necessary for the cash taken out. These notes help store owners understand their cash payments and keep the history of cash pickups.

View all cash pickups in one place
View all cash pickups in one place

Under the list tab, you can click on the cash pickup tab to see all the cash pickups done. It gives you an overview of all your cash pickups.

Print your cash pickup receipts
Print your cash pickup receipts

With all the digital record keeping, you can also keep track of all these cash pickups with physical receipts.

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Find out more Features

More Features

Sales Quotes

Keep your sales going — even if a customer has to step away from the point of sale.

Provide customers with a printed sales quote to complete their transaction later!

Sales Quotes

Keep Record of Incomplete Sale Transactions

The sales quote feature helps you keep track of all of your incomplete transactions.

This makes it so that you can reach out to your potential customers and finalize sales.

Sale Quote
Benefits of Sales Quote Feature
  • Keeps written record of sales promotions or coupons offered to potential customers
  • Maintains all of your pending sales
  • Assists in the development of new consumer relationships
  • Reduces the length of a sales cycle
  • Makes a sales funnel more efficient
  • Lowers the chance of pricing errors
  • Builds trust between a company and its customers
  • Recognizes price fluctuations quickly

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Store Credit

Never lose revenue on returned items!

Retain your customers — and profits — by offering store credit.

Store Credit

Non-Refundable Items

Offering your customers store credit is a technique of giving them a balance or credit that they can use to purchase things from your store. Your consumers will be able to use their shop credit to purchase something from your store without having to pay. In many circumstances, store credit is available.

For example, suppose a consumer walks into your store to return a non-returnable item because it is broken or no longer works. Instead of giving them cash, you could give them store credit, which they could use to buy anything they want from your store without having to pay.

Credit Cellsmart
Reduce The Revenue Lost
Reduce Lost Revenue On Returned Products

With store credit, you can keep your earnings steady. The main advantage of this purchasing method is that shops do not lose money on returns. Instead of a full cash refund, store owners can offer customers an equal-value swap for other products. Store credit not only keeps money in the business, but also increases sales.

Furthermore, customers respect businesses that are flexible when it comes to return policies. Purchasers will have an extra choice and a longer period of time to return items.

Encourage Customers to Spend More Money

Encourage shoppers to spend more with store credit. According to a GE Capital study, when stores provide a branded credit card, in-store consumer visits increase by 29 percent (a type of store credit).

In other words, store credit has been shown to encourage customers to visit the store more frequently. Furthermore, when shoppers are lured by other things inside the store, they have a tendency to spend more than their store credit value. Retailers who take advantage of this opportunity will be able to increase sales.

Encourage customers to spend more money on their purchases
Keep an open and transparent policy
Keep An Open and Transparent Policy

Let’s make your return policy more accommodating. According to Invesp data, 67 percent of buyers look at the return page before buying something. As a result, any retail business must have a clear and customer-centric return policy.

Store credit, on the other hand, is a positive way that shoppers can return unsatisfactory purchases. Shop owners must, however, define what products are “final sale,” which items can be purchased with store credit, and when items can be returned (30, 60, or 90 days).

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Multiple Tax

Keeping a record of taxes is important for business, but managing them all is cumbersome and time-consuming.

Don’t worry! CellSmart POS allows you to create unlimited taxes on all (or select) item categories.

Multiple Tax

Create multiple taxes

CellSmart POS tax software allows you to create multiple taxes and apply them to items of your choice.

Multiple Tax
Apply Tax Separately or Collectively

In CellSmart POS, you can apply each category of tax on selected items of your choice. You can simply assign the tax for selected categories of items.

Keep a Record Of All Taxes

We keep all of your received taxes in one place on the day end, biweekly, or monthly reports. It helps you to submit your taxes with all the records from within the POS.

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Inventory Transfer

Planning on expanding your store locations, but worried about your inventory count?

Opening new stores is easier with CellSmart POS' inventory transfer feature!

Inventory Transfer

Transfer Unlimited Inventory

CellSmart’s inventory transfer feature helps you transfer unlimited inventory in just a few clicks.

Inventory Transfer
Any Details Lost?

We keep your inventory saved with all details like cost price, sale price, and vendor. At your new store, you just have to focus on making a profit while we keep everything afloat.

Transferring From Another POS?

CellSmart POS is built to make your life easier and more flexible. We provide full support and help in transferring your inventory from any other POS software.

Benefits of Inventory Management

Inventory management is one of the most important aspects of running a business. It includes your product cost, sale price, and vendor details, so that you are always aware of your profits and losses.

Accurate Inventory
Accurate Inventory

With powerful inventory management software, you will always have accurate inventory statistics to help run your business smoothly.

Avoid Overselling
Avoid Overselling

With accurate inventory tracking, you will know which products are selling the best, so you can order more in time.

Save On Stock Costs
Save Stock Costs

Each inventory item is a burden of cost until it sells out. It involves shipping, warehouse, and store rent. Know everything at hand!

Keep Bestselling Products In Stock
Keep Bestselling Products In Stock

Selling the right product at the right time is key to making the most out of everyday sales. Our software helps you stay on top of it with timely reminders to stock up your most sold items.

Efficient Warehouse
Efficient Warehouse

Inventory management also involves the placement of products in your warehouse and store. With CellSmart POS, you always know where your products are, which helps you run your warehouse and store efficiently.

Detailed Reports
Detailed Reports

Get daily or weekly reports about your inventory to make informed decisions every day.

Inventory management

Inventory management can make or break a company, and having real-time visibility into your stock is essential for success. Decision-makers can efficiently manage their inventories and reduce expenses with the correct technologies in place.

CellSmart POS comes with a set of native features for monitoring stock and cycle counts, as well as tracking inventory in different locations. With the demand and distribution requirement planning features, you can also establish the proper balance between demand and supply across your entire organization. These solutions can be used by companies of all sizes. Creating one business is huge, and turning it into a multi-store business is a leap towards a successful enterprise. We are here to help you every step of the way. Get in touch!

Best Price

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Request Transfer

Running multiple stores requires the best inventory management software, which allows you to transfer any inventory from one store to another with safe and secure tracking.

With CellSmart POS' inventory transfer feature, you can easily track and manage your transfers with ease.

Inventory Transfer

Safe and Secure Transfer

CellSmart POS Inventory Transfer feature allows the store owner to assign a
specific employee or manager to have permission to transfer items.

Transfer Request
Track All Inventory Transfers

Our inventory transfer feature helps you keep track of all transferred items from one store to another within the software. It also keeps records of every transferred item.

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Inventory Adjustment

Losing revenue due to wrong inventory counts. Say no more!

Keep your inventory updated in real time with CellSmart POS.

Inventory Adjustment

Inventory Adjustment

CellSmart POS allows you to edit your inventory at any time.

Inventory Adjustment
Match Physical and POS Inventory Counts

Always stay on top of your inventory by keeping the correct count of each item at your warehouse and store with the POS.

Accurate Average Cost

As a store owner, you have to purchase the same item from different vendors, which means you have to take the average cost for all of those items and sell them on a profit margin. But with the wrong inventory count, you end up selling at the wrong average price — which may cost you a lot.
With CellSmart POS, you never lose any money.

Advantages of Inventory Management

Money Savings

The most fundamental benefit of inventory management is that it saves a company money.
Inventory is frequently a company’s most valuable asset. Inventory is also costly to buy, placing a company in the red until those things are sold for a profit. If a corporation doesn’t sell all of its inventory, it “eats” the cost of what’s left, plus storage and handling fees. Purchasing too much inventory can result in significant losses.

Overstocking can even put a small business out of business. Inventory management enables a business to minimize this risk by ordering only what is needed to meet consumer demand – no more, no less.

Money savings

Customer Satisfaction

A positive customer experience is a crucial outcome of good inventory management.

Customers shop with the expectation that the store has what's advertised in stock. Many clients would rather switch suppliers than wait for new supply to arrive if they were told they would have to backorder things.

Failure to meet consumer requests results in lost business and a bad reputation for your store.
Running out of stock regularly might result in permanent customer loss, and eventually, an unproductive business. Inventory management keeps track of client demand and uses that data to make wise, efficient ordering decisions.

Customers Satisfaction

Remain Organized In Your Warehouse

A chaotic warehouse is inefficient, and wastes time and money.

An orderly warehouse with properly documented inventory and supply chain movement is aided by proper inventory management.

Keeping your bestselling products together and easily accessible can help you fulfill orders faster —  and keep your high-paying customers pleased.

Remain organized in your warehouse

Save Time

Inventory management necessitates meticulous record-keeping, which is frequently accomplished through the use of specialized software and technology.

Inventory management equipment, such as mobile phones with barcode scanners, combined with a system like CellSmart POS, can improve the efficiency of your overall inventory operation. Integrated inventory management facilitates supply chain management and, as a result, increases production by reducing time-consuming and inefficient manual operations.

Integrated inventory management software automates workflow processes, allowing your workers to focus on more critical aspects of their jobs.

Keeping track of your products in real time also saves you time by eliminating the need to count stock or double-check records.

Save your time

Increase Cash Flow

Effective inventory management helps organizations spend with the future in mind.

You won’t have to spend a lot of money buying large volumes of inventory at once if you use effective inventory management. Instead, you spend exactly what you need on the right amount of goods for your operations. You save money on huge capital balances, handling, and storage charges this way.

As a result, smart inventory management increases your cash flow by removing the need to spend huge amounts of money all at once.

Improved cash flow means more business stability and more money to invest on things like payroll or new product development.

Increase your cash flow

Maintain Key Inventory Levels

It’s all about creating a balance between intake and output when it comes to inventory management.

Finding and maintaining this equilibrium is crucial to your business’ health and success. Overstocking can deplete your company’s resources by requiring money to store items that aren’t being sold. Customers may be disappointed and business may be lost as a result of stockouts.

Keeping the correct quantity of stock and inventory on hand necessitates treading a fine line, which can be accomplished with the right inventory management tools.

Maintain key inventory levels

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Custom Barcode Printing

Manually keeping track of every inventory item is difficult, cumbersome, and oftentimes impossible!

With CellSmart POS custom barcode printing, not only can you easily manage and track all your inventory, you can also predict when an item will run out.

Custom Barcode Printing

How does custom barcode printing work?

With custom barcode printing, you can track your inventory items with easy-to-remember numbers.

How does it work
Auto-Generate Barcodes

You can print auto-generated barcodes from CellSmart POS.

Benefits of Custom Barcode Printing
  • Easy inventory management
  • Track all your items
  • Prevent the loss of items
  • Save time and grow your business

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Admin Register

Manage your additional income directly from our admin panel, so you never miss any financial details of your business.

Admin Register

Rental Payment

In our admin register, you can create rental payment as a category to add your
income proceeds.

Admin Register
ATM Machine Payments

You can keep track of your ATMs installed at your store, and add the monthly or weekly income to your admin register.

Vending Machine Payments

A lot of stores in the USA have vending machines installed in their stores, and it gets difficult to keep track of its earnings. CellSmart POS has made it easier for store owners to add their vending machine income directly to their admin register.

Rent your store's small unused spaces, and manage your income directly through CellSmart POS. We are here to help you upscale your business in any shape or form necessary by providing the latest features. Get in touch now!

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Discounts and Coupons

Providing discounts and coupons helps your business grow. But managing them manually opens your business to errors and theft.


Discount Management Software

CellSmart POS makes your Discount Management smoother than butter with a
discount/coupon management feature!

Discount Coupon
How Does It Work?

The discount and coupon management feature is built in to CellSmart POS. It is completely customizable and requires minimum supervision.

Create Campaign

In CellSmart POS, go to Discount Management. Create a campaign by clicking the + button. Select the store(s) for which you want run this discount campaign.

Add Details

Name your discount and coupon campaign, add details, and then hit save.

Select Discount Type

Choose discount type, like if it’s a regular discount or promotion bundle. Then choose the percentage of the discount. Hit next.

Discount Bundle
Discount Type
Add Start & End Date

Here you can choose the start and end date of your campaign.

Customize Campaign by Category or by Items

Now you can easily select the category of items, and if you want to have this campaign for a specific item, you can choose it as well. Our software will show the discounted amount here.

Choose Activation Type

If you are having this discount campaign for a cellphone, then you can customize it further by choosing the activation type.

Choose Application of Discount

Here you can select whether you want the discount to be applied automatically, and whether it can be stacked with other discounts or coupons.

Print Coupon

The last step is for you to select whether you want this coupon to be printed or not. If yes, then you can easily provide this to your customers or can simply paste it on items or your checkout counter.

Disocunt Advance Settings

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Merge Products

Managing thousands of items in inventory is cumbersome and time-consuming. Especially having the same item with different names.

CellSmart POS inventory management helps you merge this same item with different names under one tab.

Merge Products

How the Merge Feature Works

The merge products feature allows you to combine two items into a single product that contains content from both. You can’t delete any of the products in your inventory if they have different names, but are the same and have items in stock. The merge product feature comes in handy in this circumstance, as it merges both products while retaining their history in one location.

  • Saves time
  • Keep inventory count accurate by maintaining the same items with different names in one place
  • Helps at the checkout counter, as you scan the item for the invoice and it shows all the necessary information in one place
  • Makes your store management smooth

Get in touch!

Making your store successful requires effective time management, the best employees, and most importantly, great inventory management. CellSmart POS is built to achieve these with a lot more for your business.

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Chat Between Locations

Managing multiple stores requires extra time and a lot of effort. And the most challenging part is keeping communication smooth.

CellSmart POS has made it easy with our chat between stores feature. Now you can easily send one message to your multiple stores with just a click.

Chat Between Locations

Send promotions

Offering promotions from different stores at one time has become easy with this feature.

Just write down the promotion in a text, and send it to all stores in one tab.

Send promotions
Answer Queries On the Go

Now you don’t have to open different chats on your cellphone messaging apps to answer your employees from different locations. Get all the messages in one place in our chat feature, and answer them with ease.

This chat feature is live

With our chat feature, you can easily send, and receive messages in seconds. It’s easy to use.

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Replace IMEI Number

Did you put the wrong IMEI for a phone, and have to re-enter the item altogether?

No need to delete the item and restart. With CellSmart POS IMEI transfer feature, you can simply transfer IMEI from one item to another.

Replace IMEI Number

Save time

With the IMEI transfer feature, a simple transfer will create a new item with the
correct IMEI number. The incorrect one will be deleted.

Accurate inventory tracking
Accurate inventory tracking

CellSmart POS inventory management software allows you to keep accurate inventory at all times. IMEI transfer is one of the sub features with this accuracy.

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Inventory Count

The most damaging loss in a business is the one that’s unseen. Losing inventory or having any item unaccounted for is damaging for your business.

Inventory Count

But not anymore!

With CellSmart POS inventory count feature, you can keep track of your
inventory at all times.

How does it work?  The inventory count feature helps you to double-check your physical inventory with the inventory in the POS software. This way, you can always notice and investigate any lost or missing inventory.  Select inventory count feature  Go to the inventory panel in CellSmart POS, and click on the inventory count feature.
How does it work?

The inventory count feature helps you to double-check your physical inventory with the inventory in the POS software. This way, you can always notice and investigate any lost or missing inventory.

Select inventory count feature

Go to the inventory panel in CellSmart POS, and click on the inventory count feature.

Choose inventory type

Now you can click on any inventory segment that you want to check on. For example, serialized inventory, itemized inventory, repaired devices, or any other.

Inventory Count
Category Inventory Count
Perform inventory count

Select the item for which you want to perform an inventory count. Check your physical inventory count, and then add it to the POS. The difference will be shown inside the POS.

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Find out more Features

Check more features:

Deleted Transaction

The biggest loss to any is the one that is unknown and untraceable. Like losing profits on sales due to theft by any employee. It happens when some employees delete the sales transaction and replace it with the new one. While you are unaware of it.

Deleted Transaction

Deleted Transaction

But not anymore. Because CellSmart POS keeps a record of all the deleted
transactions and informs you regarding any deleted transaction as well.

All deleted transactions at one place
All deleted transactions at one place

Managing stores requires a lot of time and resources, but putting additional time into finding and keeping all the deleted transactions is an additional burden. CellSmart POS takes away all this burden off your shoulders and also keeps you safe from any theft or loss due to deleted transactions.

Deleted Transaction
Assign roles

CellSmart POS allows you to assign anyone to perform any deleted transactions. It helps you keep your transactions safe.

Provide reasons for deletion

CellSmart POS has provided a built-in feature of adding reason before deleting any transaction. Without any reason, no one can delete any transaction. In this way, store owners have all the deleted transaction details along with their reasons.

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POS Custom Policy

In our more than a decade experience of working with the cellphone, electronics, and repair stores, we observed a lot of our customers face issues of complaints regarding the services or products sold by them from their customers.

POS Custom Policy

Custom Policy

That’s why, we built the custom policy feature for all kinds of stores like cellphone stores, repair stores, and electronics stores. Now all the store owners can easily add their custom policy inside our POS, and it will be printed for all future receipts and invoices.

Add custom policy for products
Add custom policy for products

You can add your detailed policy regarding the product’s sales. It has no word limit. So, be free to be detailed, and accurate.

Custom policy for repair sales

Providing repair is challenging and a lot of times unrewarding from customers. It attracts a lot of customers’ wrath for the repairs you don’t even perform. CellSmart POS helps you overcome this by helping you add all your repair policies in detail, and print them on receipts. So, if a customer comes back with some complaints, you can satisfy them according to your repair store policies.

Custom policy for repair sales
Add policy for mobile carrier payments
Add policy for mobile carrier payments

Most cellphone stores accept mobile carrier payments, and every carrier has its custom policies. CellSmart POS helps you to update these carriers’ policies regularly. So, you don’t face any inconvenience from customers.

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