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Key Tags

Long queues lead to lost time and lost sales.

Cut the queues short with key tags, and make your sales and bill payments easier.


How does it work?

CellSmart POS offers a key tag feature that helps you generate a specific barcode for each customer's key tag.

You can easily print these barcodes on the key tags; then, simply scan the key tag, and your customer information will appear on your screen.

kKytag Pos Software
What information is stored?

From full names to phone numbers to emails, CellSmart POS saves all customer information in your database for your convenience. Your customers will appreciate the friendly and streamlined shopping experience.

Print and hand out.

Print the key tags with each customer’s name. We also provide logo design services for your store, so you can print your logos, too — CellSmart POS key tag features are customizable.

Easy to Carry
Portable Design

Key tags can be easily attached to a key ring, which means your customers can always have their loyalty card on hand.

Promotional Tool
Promotional Tool

Key tags are a great promotional tool to advertise your company and showcase your brand.

Easier Checkout
Easy Checkout

Key tags can speed up the checkout process and create a smoother customer experience; your customers can simply scan their key tags and check out, rather than wait in long lines.


Quantity Price per Tag Total Price
100 3.0 $300
250 1.50 $375
500 0.90 $450
1000 0.80 $800
2500 0.70 $1750
5000 0.55 $2750

*All prices exclude taxes and shipping

  • Please select one of the four designs below.
  • You can put a one-line message on the front of the tag.
  • You can put your store name, address, and phone number on the back of the tag.
  • Custom logos and designs have an additional fee of $100.

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Birthday Reminder

Wish your customers Happy Birthday on their special day, and offer a special discount via text with CellSmart POS.

Birthday Reminder

Birthday Reminder

CellSmart POS allows you to send your customers a text message with a custom message, name, and address.

Birthday Reminder
Birthday Reminder

Wish your customers Happy Birthday on their special day, and offer a special discount via text with CellSmart POS.

Bill Payment Reminder

Remind your customers of their upcoming bill with a text message sent two days prior to the due date.


Don't pay a dime; this service is FREE and included with your plan.

Promotion Texts

Increase sales and improve customer relationships with promotional text messaging.

Message Type

Send SMS or MMS messages from your point of sale.

Payment Only for Received Texts

Pay only for the messages your customers receive; if they don’t get a message, you won't be charged.

Carrier Selection

Select a carrier based on your message.

Want to know more? Watch our helpful videos.