Bill Payment

Create professional-looking receipts with a customer's visible phone number — and store that information in your CRM — to encourage customer retention for long-term business growth.

Bill Payment Features

CellSmart POS allows you to charge customers' bills through ePay, QPay, or VidaPay integration — and much more. Choose from various options; you are not limited to helping customers with a specific cell phone carrier. 

Key Tags

Key Tags

Key tags minimize bill payment errors and save time, because you won't have to ask customers for their phone numbers every time they come into the store to pay their bill. You can also use key tags to ring up any customer through the main dashboard by simply scanning it.


Text Message Alerts

Send text message alerts to your customers, including reminders when the bill is due. You can also send a thank you message after the customer has paid their bill; this serves as a receipt and proof of payment.

 With the various payment integrations we offer, you no longer have to switch back and forth between your browser and the system. We're always striving to help you manage your wireless businesses as efficiently as possible.

Promotions by Carrier

When sending a promotional message, select customers by their carrier to give them specific promotions. For example, if you have a T-Mobile sale, you can send out a text message alert to T-Mobile customers only.



Automatic Fee

Each carrier may have an additional fee for customers when they’re paying a bill and/or making a purchase. CellSmart POS allows you to add this fee, so that it shows automatically when making a payment.

Customer Payment History

The history module contains a history of all activities completed in the software, including a list of customers. The list of customers allows you to view account payments, transactions made by that specific customer, how much store credit they have, and how many points the customer has accumulated by shopping at your store.

Pending Payment

Making customers' carrier bill payments can be tricky and time-consuming. With CellSmart POS, you can accept payment first, and then pay the bill later on the payment module with the payment delay feature.

Double-check bill payment

The payment delay feature allows you to accept payment and print the receipt for customers. So, if customers complain about the bill payment or the number, you can easily update it before making the actual payment.

Keep the checkout fast

CellSmart POS allows you to keep your bill payment lines shorter. The payment module takes time; so, by using the payment delay feature, you can update a lot of customers’ bill payments at one time on the payment module.


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How to edit/enable sales alerts
How to edit/enable sales alerts
How to edit/enable sales alerts
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Retain customers and increase sales.

The CellSmart POS text reminder feature keeps customers coming back to your store — and spending more.


Bill Payment Reminder

CellSmart POS allows you to send your customers a text message with a custom message, name, and address.

Bill Payment Reminder
Birthday Reminder

Wish your customers Happy Birthday on their special day, and offer a special discount via text with CellSmart POS.

Bill Payment Reminder

Remind your customers of their upcoming bill with a text message sent two days prior to the due date.


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