Long queues can result in losing time and sales.

Cut the queues short with Key tags, and make your sales and bill payments easier.


How does it work?

CellSmart POS offers a Key tags feature that helps you generate a specific barcode for each key tag of your customers. You can easily print those barcodes on these key tags provided by us. Now, scan the key tag, and your customer information will be on your screen.

kKytag Pos Software
What information is stored?

From customers’ full names to phone numbers and emails, CellSmart POS saves all this information in your database for your convenience. It also makes your customers feel personal and happy to have a store that makes their shopping experience easy.

Print and hand-out

You can print out these key tags with each customer’s name. We also provide logo designing services for your stores. So, you can get your logos printed out too. CellSmart POS key tag features are customizable.

Easy to Carry
Easy to Carry

Key tags are portable since they may be attached to a key ring. Your customers can bring them because of their mobility and modest size. The last thing you want is for a customer to be frustrated by forgetting their membership or loyalty card. On the other hand, key tags are difficult to forget because your customers carry them everywhere.

Use Key Tags as a Tool for Promotion
Use Key Tags as a Tool for Promotion

Key tags are a great promotional tool. Promotion is one of the many facets of the marketing division. As was already said, key tags are attached to key rings and travel with your customers wherever they go. Key tags are a terrific method to advertise your company and showcase your brand because of their versatility!

Easier Checkout
Easier Checkout

Key tags may speed up the check-in procedure and offer a smooth customer experience. Your customers scan their key badges and checkout rather than wait in line.

Use Key tags as a little billboard
Use Key tags as a little billboard

Consider this: every time your customer pulls their keys out, they will see your store’s logo and information. Your key tag will not only remind your regular customers of your existence. But it may also draw in new customers. They aid in introducing people to your brand and lure in new customers for your business. Key tags are little billboards that cost a fraction of a regular billboard but don’t have the same size.


Quantity Price per tag Total Price
100 3.0 $300
250 1.50 $375
500 0.90 $450
1000 0.80 $800
2500 0.70 $1750
5000 0.55 $2750

*All Prices exclude taxes and shipping

  • Please select one of the four designs below
  • You can put one-line message on the front of the tag.
  • You can put your store name, address, and phone number on *the back
  • Custom logo/design will cost $100 extra

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