Running a techonology store with dinosaur-age systems?
Still giving hand-written receipts?
No idea about how much inventory you have on hand?
Nuestro programa habla espanol al igual que nosotros
CellSmart POS helps you manage and improve your business.

Custom Made

CellSmart POS is made by wireless dealers just like you, and we still operate wireless stores where we use our own POS software.

Increase Your Business

Our Layaway feature allow you to sell to customers who are not ready to buy just yet and our Follow-Up feature shows you which customers you need to stay in touch with after the sale.

Stay Connected with Your Customers

Got a sale or a special service? Let all of your customers know with a direct text to their cell.

A Complete Solution

You can keep track of your clock in/clock out, payroll, book-keeping, profit and loss reports, tax collected reports, etc.

KeyRocket shows notifications when clicking with the mouse


Let’s face it, we would all love to have more customers in this very competitive wireless market. And there’s no other way more effective and cost-efficient than word-of-mouth referrals.

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