Professionally Customized Receipts

A receipt is your store's identity displaying store hours, store’s return/exchange policy, and address.

CellSmart POS understands the importance of your marketing needs and never leaves any stone unturned for your business growth. Now get professional receipts customized per your needs.

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In our more than a decade of experience working with the retail industry, there is one big issue that almost all of our retail stores faced. And that is the customers complaining regarding the exchange or returns for the products they bought from them. So, we have designed detail-oriented receipts for your store to never face these issues by adding:

  • Return/Exchange Policy
  • Store Hours
  • Discounts/Coupons Applied
  • Warranty Claim Duration
  • Each Product Price
  • Tax Percentage and Amount Applied
  • And anything that needs to be added per your need

Customized Backend

CellSmart POS believes in convenience and ease of doing business. That’s why our software allows you to add notes and keep barcodes with any receipt in our POS for your information and details. So, in the future if you ever need to track any receipt, you can do it by searching for:

  • Product’s barcode
  • Customer’s name
  • Notes
  • Date/Day

Go Green, Send Email Receipts

CellSmart cares about the environment and to help Mother Earth stay clean from paper pollution, we offer our customers to send their receipts via email. Because together we can overcome major issues like deforestation and paper wastage.

Let’s be responsible!


Bill Payment Receipt


A custom logo helps your receipts look professional

Carrier Name
Big and bold carrier name helps prevent mistake and human error

Use a business legal name or choose any DBA to print on the receipt

Phone Number
Big and bold phone number helps prevent mistake and human error

Sales Rep
Every receipt has the cashier name printed on the receipt

The barcode on the bill payments receipt helps you in quick retrieval of any bill payment receipt

PIN number
You can choose to print customer account PIN number on to receipt for their convenience

Custom Bill Payment policy has no limit

Layaway Receipt

Receipt Indicator
Big and bold title on receipt

Customer Information
Customer name, number and address

Product Detail
Complete detail of sold product with Quantity, Unit Price and Discount

Payment List
List of payment made on each layaway with date, time and amount

Ensure customer signature and acceptance of all business terms and conditions

Custom Layaway policy has no limit


Repair Receipt


Receipt Indicator
Big and bold title of receipt

Customer Information
Customer name, number and address

Item Information
Complete Information of device that needs to be repaired with Serial Number and Password

Check List
A complete checklist of items of the device

Capturing device unlock pattern helps you to test screens after repair

Item Problem
Complete detail or repair problem

Repair Detail
Repair detail can be entered as an itemized list with price

Multiple Taxes
You can have one or multiple taxes based on your status

Deposit Amount if  received

Ensure customer signature and acceptance of all business terms & conditions

Sales Receipt

Customer Information
Customer name, number and address

Sales Detail
Complete list of items on receipt based on Quantity, Name, Unit Price and Discount

Tax Indicator
Tax Indicator will show you which tax is applied on the line item

Multiple Payments
List of payments

The barcode on the sales receipt helps in getting the transaction information by a quick scan

Custom Sales policy has no limit