Repair Text Alert Messages


Custom label
Create a custom label on each repair. Based on each label, set a custom message

Auto Alert
Set Auto Send Alert to send a message automatically to a customer once the repair status changes

Custom Message
Create custom messages with customer’s name, item name, your business address, and how much they owe you

Track Frequency of Alerts Set


Promotion / Text Blast

Increases sales and improves customer relationships


Message Type
SMS or MMS can be sent from CellSmart POS without any limits

Carrier Selection
Options to select carrier based on your message

Pay For What You Used
Only pay for the messages your customers receive. If they don’t get a message we don’t charge you for it

Bill Payment Reminder

Every carrier sends a bill payment reminder text to the customer. CellSmart POS allows you to send the customer a text message with your custom message, name, and address


Birthday Reminder
Send a special text message to your customers on their birthday

Bill Payment Reminder
CellSmart POS allows sending customers a reminder message two days before the due date

FREE, this service is included in your plan

Sales Alert
Receive an alert on any two numbers three times a day, this tells you how many sales and card sales are made

Light Alert
Receive a text alert every time your store’s daily profit turns breakeven indicated by yellow, or green if in profit

Prevent Robbery
CellSmart sends you an alert any time money in the cash drawer passes a set amount limit

Deleted Sale
Receive text message every time a sale is deleted

Business Open Notification
Text alert every time your business is opened


Want to know more? Watch our helpful videos.

bill payment reminder

Sale Alert

repair alert