Warehouse Management System with POS is a must

Muhammad Saqib

February 07, 2023

Warehouse Management System with POS is a must

Good organization is the cornerstone of every business, whether it be your personnel, retail layout, or backend solution. An efficient warehouse management system can optimize all daily operations.

A warehouse management system (WMS) is necessary for retailers and wholesalers who utilize point-of-sale (POS) systems to maintain track of their inventory, establish effective workflows, and expedite product delivery. WMS increases productivity and decreases human error, allowing you to concentrate on what matters: providing outstanding customer experiences. Here are several reasons to prove why warehouse POS software is a must for your wholesale business:

Use quality control to ensure accurate shipment.

Nothing is more upsetting for customers than getting the wrong products. Customers of CellSmart POS warehouse software can utilize a Quality Control function to avoid this problem. CellSmart warehouse POS software enables you to checkmark the item’s quantity and order before shipping. You can easily compare the chosen item to the purchase order. 

Your wholesale business can easily avoid these problems through quality control:

  • Time and money wasted
  • Mis-shipments
  • unhappy clients and unfavorable word of mouth

Inventory dispersion with multi-warehouse capabilities

CellSmart warehouse management software allows you to check your inventory anytime from anywhere and keeps you informed about inventory quantity and location inside your multi warehouses. You may quickly move products from another warehouse to your distribution center if one warehouse is low on supplies. You can quickly and more accurately complete orders by knowing how much inventory you have (and where it is).

Add quantity buffers

Keep an eye on your inventory levels at all times. Quantity buffers prevent you from selling too many or too few things. CellSmart warehouse POS software keeps you informed regarding the low stock or surplus inventory at all times to help you make informed decisions about selling and buying.

For instance, if your warehouse contains 500 units of iPhone 11 and you want to be alerted once 400 units get sold. Our warehouse POS software allows you to set a low inventory limit on each item. 

CellSmart POS warehouse management system helps you maintain correct store inventory. For your business, our warehouse management system functions as a safety net. 

Accelerate inventory counting

Shipping expectations from customers are increasing. You must be able to locate the items you need to send fast and effectively since they have to be shipped quickly. With CellSmart warehouse POS, inventory counts get done quickly, which helps in getting shipping time short and sales increase.

Utilize reports to improve your warehouse management forecasts

CellSmart POS provides detailed reports for your warehouse to get accurate data for making informed decisions. Your inventory and transaction data are readily available at your fingertips within our warehouse POS. Our annual reports help you see the bigger picture of your warehouse business profits and losses. Sales reports are a fantastic tool for finding items and placing new orders. To determine if you made wise sourcing choices and which items you should or should not reorder the following year, consult reports from the prior year.

Many characteristics in a warehouse management system enable items to appear accurately at the POS stage of the purchasing process. Every feature helps reduce human error and automate daily procedures.

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