ANSWERED: How Profitable Is a Cell Phone Repair Business?

Muhammad Saqib

March 12, 2024

ANSWERED: How Profitable Is a Cell Phone Repair Business?

Opening a profitable cell phone repair shop is tougher than it looks. With razor-thin margins and customers who balk at repair bills, it's easy to get discouraged.

You need to use all the tools at your disposal to boost profit margins — like optimizing operations, upselling strategically, and locking in recurring revenue streams. But how, exactly, do you do that?

This article answers the question, how profitable is a cell phone repair business? We’ll also offer six tips to help increase your repair shop’s profits this year and beyond.

How Profitable Is a Cell Phone Repair Business? An Overview 

Let’s kick off this post by answering the question you came here for: How profitable is a cell phone repair business?

The short answer is, frustratingly, it depends. 

However, the cell phone repair industry can be lucrative if you get your processes set up properly. The average revenue potential for cell phone repair shops ranges from $100k per year to over a million dollars a year, with the top shops in the industry scoring almost a quarter million dollars in annual profits. 

The average cell phone repair shop sees margins up to 90 percent, meaning for every $100 in revenue, $90 of that flows right to your bottom line. However, margins can fluctuate substantially based on cost management, pricing strategies, technician efficiency, upsell conversion, and total customer volumes. 

Controlling expenses related to inventory, payroll, rent, and other operating costs enables some stores to achieve higher margins. 

Setting competitive yet profitable rates for repairs and accessories also impacts profitability.  The average repair shop charges between $80 and $150 per repair, depending on the difficulty of the repair and the shop’s overall pricing model. Most profitable shops aim to complete five to 20 repairs daily.

The key to profitability in the long term relies on building loyal customers through quality repairs and satisfaction. Happy first-time customers often lead to repeat or referral business over time. One tool that helps cell phone repair shops nurture customer loyalty and drive revenue is an advanced point of sale (POS) system like CellSmart POS. 

POS capabilities like storing customer purchase history, automated promotions and reminders, integrated loyalty programs, seamless payment processing, inventory management, and customer analytics transform one-time customers into partners invested in the shop's continued growth and success.

With this in mind, let’s examine our list of tips to help you maximize your profits and boost your chances of success in the cell phone repair industry. 

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How Profitable Is a Cell Phone Repair Business? 6 Tips for Higher Profits 

1. Offer Protection Plans 

One way to boost profits is by selling protection plans. You can offer plans that cover phones beyond the standard one-year limited warranty many cell phone retailers offer. Protection plans create steady, recurring revenue and improve customer retention, maintaining consistent relationships with customers so you’re top-of-mind for repair help if they do have issues. 

Offer plans that protect against mechanical breakdowns or ADH (accidental damage from handling) scenarios. These plans give customers peace of mind knowing future repair costs are covered if they crack a screen or spill water on their device 12 to 24 months from purchase. They pay a small monthly or one-time upfront fee, and you cover discounted repairs down the road.

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  • Bundle basic and premium plans at different price points so customers can choose the coverage level fitting their budget and risk tolerance. 
  • Let customers pick terms from 12 to 36 months to maximize flexibility. 
  • Upsell expanded protection during initial sales or free diagnostics. 
  • Offer ongoing coverage plans to not only provide insurance against defects or accidents, but incentivize customers to keep coming back to your shop rather than competitors.

2. Sell Accessories & Add-Ons 

Another profit-boosting approach is selling accessories and add-ons at checkout to raise the average order value. Customers often realize they need replacement chargers, cases, cables, and more when bringing in damaged devices for repair.

Their existing accessories may be cracked, frayed, or non-functional, just like their phones. Regardless of why they need a new accessory, offering them in your store offers an opportunity to bundle in extra sales and value. Accessories can easily increase the average job ticket size by 20 to 30 percent while requiring little effort from you.


  • When providing a repair quote or diagnostic, show customers relevant accessories and bundles. 
  • Train your technicians to proactively offer cables, cases, and screen protectors with every phone intake rather than waiting for customers to ask.
  • Accept phones for trade-in and offer refurbished phones with starter packs of accessories. 
  • Offer customers trade-in credits toward premium chargers and power banks when they turn in their cracked chargers to upgrade.

3. Implement Convenience Services 

Our third profit-boosting tip is to add convenience services to your repair shop offerings. Providing pickup, drop-off, and remote troubleshooting services for customers allows you to charge premiums. Many busy or transportation-less customers will be willing to pay extra fees to save trips to your electronics repair shop.

Enable customers to download a FedEx label or schedule a driver for device pickup when submitting repair requests online. You may also explore offering remote video troubleshooting appointments for simpler software or diagnostic issues that don’t require hardware work.


  • Optimize driver pickup routes across your metro area so each trip covers multiple customers per outing. 
  • Use zip-code-based pricing bands so farther distances earn you higher per-stop fees.
  • Upsell same-day delivery options with expedited turnaround for an additional rush charge when customers need devices back urgently.

4. Build Strategic Partnerships 

Cold prospecting and marketing can get new customers in the door, but it can be a slog. If you want to boost your efforts in these areas, you might want to explore partnerships with other local businesses.

Actively building partnerships with complementary businesses in your area provides a steady stream of new repair jobs. Reach out to major electronics retailers, office IT services firms, phone carriers, and other similar businesses to set up formal referral programs. Make the deal a win-win for everyone by offering your new partners a percentage of any referred revenue.


  • Have a simple, short URL and phone number for partners to provide customers. 
  • Create special tracking links and coupon codes to measure referral volume by partner.
  • Co-brand any joint marketing materials featuring both logos so customers understand the relationship.

5. Expand Your Offerings 

Your repair services can vary in profit based on their intensity, the expertise needed to fix the issue, and the parts you must order and replace. Another option to boost your profits is to diversify your services, going beyond basic cracked screen and battery replacements. 

Upsell additional repairs like rear glass or port fixes when doing diagnostics. Provide aesthetic services like custom laser engraving or skins during checkout. You can also refurbish and resell devices from your lightly used inventory rather than letting them just sit.


  • Train technicians on precision services like engraving names/monograms or applying phone frames. 
  • Discount intro pricing during limited-time sales to incentivize customer trials of new offerings.
  • Promote expanded services like phone case coloring, adding gaming triggers, or installing security apps.

6. Use an Integrated POS System 

Finally, one of the best ways to increase profits in your cell phone repair business is to implement a robust point of sale solution. An integrated POS goes beyond simple transactions — it centralizes customer and order data, facilitates loyalty programs, and offers advanced reporting for critical business insights. 

Particularly robust point of sale solutions, like CellSmart POS, consolidate all client information and purchase history in one dashboard. 

Our powerful inventory integrations automatically log used components per repair job while letting you efficiently order replacements from supplier catalogs. We also offer features like built-in commission payment tracking, SMS repair update alerts, and layaway management solutions, simplifying and streamlining your process. 

The right point of sale may be an investment upfront, but the time — and money — it saves you in the long run can save your bottom line. 


  • Choose a point of sale partner like CellSmart that POS can handle appointments, technician assignments, parts allocation, automated SMS update pings, digital receipts, and recurring billing for protection plans.
  • Implement a solution that integrates with existing CRM or supplier catalogs.
  • Save yourself the trouble of cobbling together a Frankenstein tool-stack just to run your business with the right point of sale solution that offers all the features you need.

How Profitable Is a Cell Phone Repair Business?: Answered 

How profitable is a cell phone repair business? The answer is: very, as long as you leverage the right tools and techniques. The six tips we discussed in this post all offer opportunities to increase your chances of success. However, not all six tips are equally impactful for your business.

If you want to run an efficient, profitable business, you need a point of sale system capable of streamlining operations, delighting customers, and keeping your talented technicians happy and productive.

CellSmart POS is an all-in-one point of sale solution built specifically for cell phone and electronics repair shops like yours. CellSmart POS takes care of transactions, inventory, customer management, and more so you can focus on growing your business. 

Schedule a demo of CellSmart POS to see how we can help you run a smoother, more profitable repair business. 

See How Our POS Strengthens Repair Shop Operations

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