7 Ways To Motivate Your Employees!

Muhammad Saqib

March 06, 2023

7 Ways To Motivate Your Employees!

Maintaining your team’s happiness and motivation should be a top priority for your business, especially if you want them to stay. According to studies, team members getting acknowledged at work are 63% less likely to hunt for another job, and 82% of employees report being happy.

In addition to increasing employee retention, rewarding your staff increases productivity and work ethic. And although saying “thank you” is always appreciated, there are many more quick methods to express support and gratitude.

1. Understand what drives them.

The first way, perhaps the most important way to motivate your employees would be to Understand What Drives them. Each team member may have a different idea of what recognition may entail. So, it’s crucial to discover and comprehend what drives each employee.

Constructing a team survey is a simple technique to “read the room.” 

Set up a few “recognition” buckets with each team member’s name sorted into them after you know what they value the most so you can refer to them later when it’s time to say “excellent work.”

2. Wish them their anniversary.

You can appreciate your employees’ ongoing efforts by recognizing work anniversaries. Create a calendar to record everyone’s start dates so you can mark significant anniversaries.

Call attention to it on your team communication platform to include all employees in the celebration. You may also give out modest presents like free lunches, additional discounts on your items, or even something cheap but entertaining like lottery tickets. If you continue to make the employee work anniversary a fun and entertaining event, hopefully, all your employees will stay motivated leading up to their anniversaries.

3. Offer a Shout Out

Public praise will be well-received if your prize employee appreciates the limelight. Praising your employee’s achievements during a company-wide meeting or on your social media pages would probably boost everyone’s spirits.

Also, it conveys to the rest of your staff that you value additional effort and recognize it. Yet in this situation, you must be aware of your employees’ personalities because some people would like something more low-key, while others would love nothing more than to have their praises shouted from the roofs. Genuine recognition will create a bond between you and your employees and will establish long-lasting motivated employees.

4. Let them choose the music.

Allow someone to maintain their positive attitude as a reward for their great attitude. Give a high-performing employee the reins and take a day off from worrying about the music playing at work.

Advice: Request submissions for the perfect playlist before presenting the prize. In this way, you will be able to filter songs that are unsuitable for your workplace. Also, it’s a simple way to learn more about your team and keep all your employees motivated!

5. Establish a peer-driven nomination system.

An “Employee of the Month” program is nothing new, but occasionally peer acknowledgment of this kind can mean more. At the end of each month, have everyone submit their suggestions and instruct your employees to look out for deserving coworkers.

Peer-to-peer nomination will not only keep your employees motivated, but this will lead to a formation of peer-to-peer bonding. This in turn will create a work environment where your employees would be actually looking forward to getting to work.

6. Provide a surprise present

Although everyone grows accustomed to receiving “Employee of the Month” honors, a surprise compliment might occasionally have a great impact. Who doesn’t enjoy receiving a surprise gift for doing a fantastic job?

Just one more way to keep your employees motivated and suspenseful.

7. Encourage them to reenergize

According to recent research, 50% of workers prioritize their mental health. Provide a “health menu” with options for worthy team members to choose from, such as:

  • Massages Class
  • Passes for yoga or dancing
  • Cooking class for reflexology

You can also set a budget, and they can choose any health activity of their own choice. Offering perks that show you really genuinely care for the overall well-being of your employees, will keep your employees motivated and create a connection or bond with you and your business that can last a lifetime, even after they move onto a new job or venture.

We hope you get to use some or all of the ideas above to keep your employees motivated. Feel free to read through some of our other amazing blogs on running your business more efficiently, check out our blog section here:


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