Turn Your Business Losses into Profits!

After working with the retail industry for more than a decade, we realized there are three key elements to save losses and run business smoothly for success: Reconcile Reconcile Reconcile [...]

A POS for every industry

Life is short with different people, jobs, and educational fields teaching us new stuff every day. And it is important for our growth and evolution. But as a businessman, handling everything on [...]

Is 2021 Going to Be Good For Your Business

No doubt 2020 has been one of the hard years in all of our lives. We lost millions of lives, jobs, and got affected by one of the worst pandemics of human history. Businesses went to closures, [...]

2nd Stimulus Check – All You Need To Know!

President Donald Trump has already signed a measure into law approving the 2nd stimulus check. It means the people eligible for it will receive their payments via mail or bank transfer like the [...]

How to establish your Brand and increase your Sales via Omni-Channel Marketing

If you were born before the iPod era, you’d remember iPod ads were being plastered all over the city. Subways, billboards, sidewalks, trains, buses, newspapers, magazines and of course TVs. That [...]