• Sales quote 2.0
    Sales quote 2.0
    Dear Valued Retailers,   Did you know that you could give a sales quote to your customers via CellSmart POS? CellSmart POS is tailor-made specifically for the stores that cater to multiple [...]
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  • Epay Set up 2.0
    Epay Set up 2.0
    Dear Valued 2.0 Retailer, Today we would like to show you how to integrate your Epay with CellSmart POS. Instead of recording payments twice i.e. one through your Epay and the other one on your [...]
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  • 3.0 Password Vault
    3.0 Password Vault
    Dear Valued Retailers, Are you tired of keeping tracking of your passwords? Are you fed up of putting your passwords on post-its on the side of your screens? Worry no more as CellSmart POS brings [...]
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