Save Time with Automation and grow your repair business

Muhammad Saqib

May 27, 2022

Save Time with Automation and grow your repair business

These are the essentials for any successful repair shop:

You may believe you have good service technicians, but your sales is not increasing on a regular basis. It’s possible that you don’t have the best communication model. The repair sector in the United States has vastly improved, as has customer service. Our Repair Status App makes it simple to automate your repair business.

With the Repair Status App, you can provide the best customer service possible.

With over a decade of experience working in and with repair shops, we’ve learned that having the finest customer service is a critical component for success. We created a repair tracking feature to assist your business in achieving this goal.

  • A website where clients may quickly track the status of their repairs.
  • You can assign individual repair ids to your customers and add remarks and repair status.
  • Notify your customers when their repair is complete and ready to be picked up.
  • Add the status of parts to keep your customers informed.

Benefits of Digital Repair Tracking

1) Manage your repairs effortlessly

CellSmart POS has eliminated a lot of the frustration from our customers. We provide reliable and structured software for your repair store’s daily operations and repair tracking.

Using our repair software to collect signatures and payments using a touch screen will further reduce your paperwork. You can accomplish error free record-keeping once you’ve converted your internal and customer data to CellSmart POS.

2) Reduce mistakes

CellSmart POS provides the best features for you to manage all your customer’s details for each repair, and enhance your capabilities to track customer devices independently. Your technicians will be able to act confidently with available repair information to complete repairs quickly. This automated process will help you minimize and ideally eliminate your repair management errors and help your business grow.

3) Reduce overhead, enhance efficiency 

CellSmart POS provides you with the best solutions to reduce your overhead costs. While eliminating your paperwork can save time, space, and money, with a flick of a finger, you may adjust the shifts and timetables for your repairs. In case of a cancellation or other service issues, you’ll be ready to inform and reroute your team right away. A bigger bottom line is an indication that efficient time management has being achieved.

CellSmart POS is one of the most feature rich repair software in the industry. It has helped thousands of repair stores for more than a decade to help this industry grow. We are here to help your repair business reach it’s potential by continuous growth, with the most advanced, yet simple repair software.

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