Upsell Your Used Phones!

Muhammad Saqib

February 14, 2022

Upsell Your Used Phones!

The mobile phone industry is one of the fastest-growing sectors in the USA. The total expected volume of the used phones industry is about $47 billion in 2031, which is huge. Now, most of the businesses in the USA are already selling used phones in their stores, some are repaired, some are refurbished, and some are auction phones. 

How can you upsell your used phones from others, and stand out from the crowd? 

Simple, by doing excellent yet simple marketing.

Use Free Platforms

Most mobile phone users who are looking to buy new phones go to Apple or Samsung stores to get firsthand experience and the best price. But, for used phones, they look for local stores through online ads. Now, where do they look for these ads? 

Upsell Your Used Phones!

1) OfferUp 

OfferUp is one of the biggest online marketplaces in the USA. A few months back, they also acquired Letgo for $200 million. Now, a lot of mobile phone users go to this platform to look for the best condition phones to buy for the best prices. 

You must do the following tasks to stand out on OfferUp: 

I) Post daily new ads at regular intervals of time every day

II) Use the best images of your phones to attract customers

II) Add complete descriptions of your phones like if they are unlocked, what grade they are, and if they have any defects or not? 

Honesty is the best policy.

Upsell Your Used Phones!

2) Facebook Marketplace 

With more than 297 million users on Facebook, it makes its marketplace a very strong platform for all users and stores to sell their products. For the marketplace, you have to do the procedure of the same listing as you have done on OfferUp. But you must adhere to its policies, and never do these:

I) Don’t post the same image again

II) Post single items only, don’t post multiple items in one post

III) Don’t post the wrong price

Honesty is the best policy everywhere!

Upsell Your Used Phones!

3) Craigslist

One of the oldest classified ads platforms in the USA is Craigslist. It has a presence all over the USA, and the best way to utilize your free marketing platforms is to keep posting daily. It helps your ad stay alive, and helps the users find you easily. 

It also allows you to renew your old listings regularly, which is very useful for a business like yours. 

All of the above-mentioned platforms are completely free and have the best outcome in terms of sales and followers. Make the best out of your free marketing every day, be active, responsive towards your customers, and never lose a single sale through it. 

Offer best prices, customer service, and upsell your used iPhones and android phones. One of the best-selling used phones in the USA is the iPhone. Get the best iPhones from your nearest wholesalers through CellSmart POS ads. We have a lot of wholesale customers that sell the best condition phones. 

Use our software to manage your business and get the best inventory through our ads. Let us help you with more helpful tips and the best features to increase your revenue.    


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