Wholesale Version


Basic Features

  • Customer Integration

    If a customer has CellSmart POS, the wholesale vendor using this version can add the customer and digitally transfer over the inventory once the customer approves the purchase.

  • Inventory Management

    Our inventory tools helps you keep track of all the merchandise in the wholesale department. It is easy and efficient to use and doesn't allow inventory to go missing.

  • Reports

    Every information you need is at the tip of your fingers. Whether its Profit and Loss, Inventory Adjustment and Sales by Products, this version allows you to see everything that happens within the department.

 There are many benefits to having a point of sale system, but the wholesale
version of CellSmart POS is a lot more efficient for wholesalers than the normal version.

Why Use  Wholesale?
More money can be saved! By having a central database information
can be easily retrieved. A point of sale system that keeps track of 
your inventory helps you decrease the number of thefts.
Better analytics and improved productivity! Our customers are directly
integrated with the vendors. We also understand the cellphone industry.
Everything is monitored automatically and the software sends nightly
reports. These reports help keep you up to date.
Happy Customers! Our software is client-centered. We have  simplified 
and automated the inventory process. All serial numbers are tracked
and accounted for.

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