Wholesale Version


Basic Features

  • Customer Integration

    If a customer has CellSmart POS, the wholesale vendor using this version can add the customer and digitally transfer over the inventory once the customer approves the purchase.

  • Inventory Management

    Our inventory tools helps you keep track of all the merchandise in the wholesale department. It is easy and efficient to use and doesn't allow inventory to go missing.

  • Reports

    Every information you need is at the tip of your fingers. Whether its Profit and Loss, Inventory Adjustment and Sales by Products, this version allows you to see everything that happens within the department.

 There are many benefits to having a point of sale system, but the wholesale
version of CellSmart POS is a lot more efficient for wholesalers than the normal version.

Smart, Means Less Revenue Being Lost

We Addressed These 4 Serious Revenue Leaks in Our Software

Always stay on top of how many phones and items are in your
inventory. CellSmart POS allows you to track what items are
running low on stock so you never miss a sale and what items
have been in your inventory for way too long and are in
low demand.

Generate Even More Revenue! Sometimes customers want to pay a
small fraction of the costs on day 1 and pay the rest later - according
to our calculations, 24% of customers actually want this.
Our software allows this with the layaway feature.

We can get more customer to visit you with text alerts. When your
Prepaid customers receive alerts using our software, they will visit
you in person (who doesn’t like the extra commission). And maybe
they will even purchase an extra accessory or upgrade.

Keep track of every item by its serial number. Our point of sale
understands what an IMEI is and keeps detail history of any
transactions tied to a certain serial number.

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