CellSmart POS - Right to repair
CellSmart POS – Right to repair

The repair industry is one of the fastest-growing industries in the USA that has helped many jobless people get jobs, and small business owners to thrive. The size of the repair industry in the USA is huge:

 Cell Phone Repair industry in the US 

  • Market Size: $4bn
  • Number of Businesses: 9,413
  • Industry Employment: 26,896

Now why states are adopting new laws for right-to-repair movements, is because of the new restrictions and monopiles by big companies. For example, iPhone 13 screen replacement is nearly impossible for third-party repair professionals as it disables the face ID. However, Apple has stated that with their new firmware, it will allow third-party repairs. 

Monopiles Over Repairs, A Brief History

Historically speaking, It has been very difficult to repair your own devices for the last 25 years, after an important piece of law expired and help reopen the repair monopolies—that is referred to as an opposite term for right-to-repair. 

In 1956, the U.S. Department of Justice did stop IBM’s monopoly in the form of a document called the IBM Consent Decree. Which was expired in 1996. This gave all the other brands the freedom to follow the IBM model, and now almost 90 percent of manufacturers have monopolies on repairs to their items. 

Why Right To Repair Is Important

E-waste is one the biggest environmental pollution these days, which is endangering the future of all our generations. For example, Americans dispose of 416,000 cell phones on daily basis. And it’s just phones, we have many other big devices that are being dumped on daily basis and ending up on our seas and lands causing huge e-waste.

Right To Repair: Future

This campaign has seen much success in the past few months, with President Biden issuing an executive order calling on the Federal Trade Commission to write regulations that makes the manufacturer ease on their repair policies, and help the right to repair for all. 

Friendly/Non-Friendly State For Right To Repair

Following are the states that have active and non-active rights to repair laws 

CellSmart POS - Right to repair
CellSmart POS – Right to repair

For all the repair stores out there, we appreciate your services and contributions to our economy and society. We continue to work hard to offer businesses like yours our best-in-class repair software that helps you run your business efficiently.  


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