Best management model for business

Muhammad Saqib

June 09, 2021

Best management model for business

Best Management Model For Business!

I remember walking into my grandfather’s small deli store in New York. It used to be busy with chit-chat of happy customers enjoying their time and his employees trying to serve the best food. Then his business grew into two branches and then into four in no time. 

Growing up, I was always curious about its success; so recently, I sat down with him and asked him the reason behind his deli business growth? Well, his answer was simple in sound but complex in understanding. And it was, “Best management model.” 

Well, it ended the above sentence, but not my curiosity. So, I asked my grandfather the obvious question: What is the best management model? He said, where quality, management, and delivery are centrally managed. 

Centralized Management

From the word of it, centralized means everything that is run and controlled by some authority. In business, that means, either you have one brand or thousands, the central authority should overlook it. That makes decisions and policies for all the business franchises. 

But for my grandfather, this made his life miserable because he had to travel to his deli stores regularly to keep everything in check and inform employees separately regarding the decisions and policies. 

One excellent example that can be relevant to centralized management is the decentralized economy. For example, recently, we have witnessed that bitcoin plunged 30% by the Chinese government’s decision to crack down on banks trading cryptocurrencies. As a decentralized economy, cryptocurrency is still reliant on the decision-making of centralized authorities in the world. 

Best Management For Multiple Stores

Inventions bring convenience and comfort to daily lives. One such change happened to the business of my grandfather, who now has a business management software that helps him manage all his stores from one place. With a few clicks, he sends his employees new marketing promotions, gets notified about every sale, inventory, and all aspects of his business. 

With best practices, discipline, and efficient management, the possibilities of success get stronger every working day. Make an intelligent decision, and choose the best business management software or Point of sale software, as some people call it.


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