A POS for every industry


March 16, 2021

A POS for every industry

Life is short with different people, jobs, and educational fields teaching us new stuff every day. And it is important for our growth and evolution. But as a businessman, handling everything on your own and paying extra for help makes the daily grind even tougher. Don’t you want that instead of hiring employees for back-office management, getting a POS software that provides basic features and spending so much money along the way, why not just get a Point-of-Sale software that does everything and works for every industry?  

Cellphone and Repair Industry

Every Cellphone store requires point-of-sale software that helps them to manage inventory, increase sales by marketing, offer loyalty points, and keep the sales reports just a click away. 

For repair stores, keeping the inventory of repair products with serialized items is important. Also, for providing loaner phones upon the ticket creation. And updating customers regarding the status of their repair status. They need a POS that does it all.

Restaurant/Pizza Stores

With marketing features and ingredients level detailed inventory management, our POS makes the owner’s job super easy by allowing him / her to focus on their creativity and consistency of creating delicious dishes for every customer. 

Also, creating a digital menu with QR code and allowing customers to order from their phones also helps in keeping sales high. 

Shoe, Boutiques and Florist Stores

Every shoe store’s most important part of keeping their different sizes and colors shoe inventory stacked up. For Boutiques, this comes in handy of their clothes. For Florist stores, keeping all the flowers families, and colors present in the store. 

Also, the most important part for all these stores is to keep their customers happy by sending wishes and promotions via SMS marketing. 

A POS For Retail Industry 

Keeping inventory intact, making more sales, managing employees, having strong back-office management, having a good marketing plan in one place is a dream for any retail store

This dream can be fulfilled with a CellSmart POS. Because we are one of the best in town. Get in touch now and unlock the full potential of your business with us. 

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