These are some of the Features that our Software offers

Holistic view of your business

A stressful day might make you miss your store’s valuable performance insight. Our POS software makes sure this does not happen because, with our system, you can have all the sales information at a glance.


Employee management

CellSmart POS allows you to create a separate profile for all your employees. This will enable you to view each of your employee’s performance. Manage their commissions and track their shifts.

Quick View into Sales

CellSmart POS offers mobile sales checker so you can keep track of your store’s sales even when you are away.


We’ll help you along the way

Our customers are on a journey with us from the day they sign up. We make sure your business grows; that’s why we always have a tech support team waiting to guide you. Remember, we’re just a call away.

We are flexible

Whatever you need, we provide. We understand markets change and creativity takes over. We encourage you to be creative in your business that’s why we can make our software adapt to your needs. Just a call can lead to a specialized feature ready for you.