How to Increase your Auto Shop Revenue?


September 08, 2020

How to Increase your Auto Shop Revenue?

An auto shop is established not just with money, but with the sweat of day and night’s hard work. Most of the auto shop owners have to work from early mornings till late evenings or beyond. As with many similar challenging jobs, this makes it difficult for professionals in this field to spend time with their family. 

Another very difficult and tiresome process for the owners to keep their shop running smoothly is to oversee employees, financial records, customers’ complaints, data management, and most keeping everything in check every day. This makes it impossible for an auto shop business owner to focus on the strategies to acquire more customers and increase revenue. 

To increase revenue, an auto shop, much like any other business model, needs to automate parts of the business processes using an Auto shop management software, which does many of the daily errands for them, including:

  • Inventory management
  • Keeping employee’s performance in check
  • Financial data keeping
  • Recording digital sales receipts
  • Customer’s digital signature on their receipts for record-keeping
  • And many more

Not just Automation!

With automation comes ease and free time to organize and run marketing campaigns to increase revenue. CellSmart POS not only helps auto shop owners by performing all the daily routine and tedious work for them, but it helps increase more revenue by providing:

  • Loyalty feature, which provides loyalty points or a membership card for customers
  • SMS / Text marketing, which you can send promotions or sales offers to your customers
  • Up Sale feature, which suggests the store owners to sell more items along with the primary product their customers picked up. For example, while selling a steering wheel, our software can suggest steering wheel cover, or steering fluid, etc.
  • Task Management feature, which helps auto shop owners to assign tasks to their employees all-day. Productive employees means efficient and timely delivery.

In short, we recommend you to step ahead on making more sales by stepping back from all the daily grind. Get a smart Auto shop management software, because it’s a simple and effective way to automate many of your daily task so that you can grab new opportunities to increase revenue.  


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