Order Ahead while you wait with QR Code


August 07, 2020

Order Ahead while you wait with QR Code

I was watching the movie “The Founder” on Netflix the other day, and an idea just came to my mind to write a blog that is based on fast service tips for your restaurants. In the movie, we see how McDonald’s has started fast food service and delivering orders in just a few minutes, which was a big success at that time and then followed by others too.

Now, what could be your success in this era of social distancing and post Covid-19 lockdowns? Well, automation and convenience to your customers is always an answer to regain success in your business especially if you are running a restaurant.

According to Business Insider, the restaurant industry has expected a $25 billion loss due to Covid-19. It is now or never to adopt new technologies to get your restaurants back on feet.

How will it work for you?

As customers waiting in line because of social distancing, they can simply scan a QR code placed outside your restaurant, which will direct them to your website to order ahead, and then pick up or dine in the restaurant. So, technically they won’t be waiting for the order, but pick up or dine in instead.

What is QR Code?

QR or Quick Response code is a very simple technology that directs users to a specific website or action as soon as they scan a QR code with a QR scanner app from their phones. You should have a smart Point of Sale software, which should provide you this QR code service to you.

The point of sale software will generate a QR code for your restaurant, and update your menu accordingly. Customers will order from waiting line and you will receive it inside your restaurant’s Point of Sale software. Also, it will help your business in all aspects of inventory, billing, and marketing too.


It goes without saying that, “Convenience to customers means success for business”. This is a tried and tested formula of centuries-old businesses. Since this QR code ordering is definintely a huge convenience to your standing customers, you will reap these benefits:

  • Fast and Quick orders
  • Social distancing
  • More customers
  • Fast track orders and delivery
  • Profit and Profit

Going forward, your customers can start ordering while they start heading out to your restaurant. All it took was the convenience of scanning the QR code on the 1st day.

So, get a Point of Sale software that provides you this service and start catering to more customers to get your restaurant to flourish.


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