Get your Business on eBay ASAP – for FREE!

Muhammad Saqib

April 25, 2020

Get your Business on eBay ASAP – for FREE!

We have been pushing all our customers and any readers of our blogs with a business to take their business online, so that their business revenue is not dependent on 1 usual stream—walk in traffic. With covid-19 destroying live, businesses and plans all over the world, this is the perfect time to not only take your business presence in the various social media spaces, but to actually start selling online.

You can check out quite a few of our blogs that instruct you on how to get your business presence on popular social media sites by clicking here: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Instagram and more.  

Now, back to selling online. Just like there are more social media websites that you can count with you bare fingers, there are websites to sell your products now. However, eBay is probably the most versatile and easiest shopping platform to get into with an immense amount of traffic, with over 100 million visitors monthly. If you ever bought something from eBay, you most likely don’t need an intro to their platform. But if you haven’t done much shopping on eBay or just not too familiar, you can sell not only new products, but also used, outdated and old products on their website. In fact, eBay became so popular because of listing used and vintage products.

So, whether you are a cell phone store with the latest phones and accessories, as well as some customer returns and open boxed items, or you are a boutique store with some custom jewelry that local walk in customers just aren’t biting, or any other businesses with countless products in between, you will almost certain find someone on eBay to sell those items to.

While you can start listing products on eBay in 5 minutes from a personal account, having an eBay Store gives you a much better edge, recognition and credibility to the people who are shopping on eBay.

Due to our covid-19 crisis, eBay has been kind enough to offer all new businesses their eBay Store membership for 3 months. What’s even (much) better is that they won’t charge you to sell up to 500 items. That’s a savings of potentially thousands of dollars since normally eBay charges up to 10% fee.

So, we strongly urge all our customers and anyone with a business to JUMP onto eBay ASAP!

For more information about eBay Stores, read few success stories and of course to sign up, simply visit:

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