It isn’t just a myth, but people actually used birds (or messenger pigeons) to send written messages for urgent messages or communication, which back then, some 2000 years ago, used to be very fast and secure comparing to sending horsemen. Fast forward 2000 years later, today we have many digital birds for instant communication and broadcasts; most popular of which is ‘Twitter’. Yes, this bird is being used by 68 million Americans every day for expressing personal, political, and social views. Also, don’t forget that our President uses Twitter to announce policies more than any other forms of media. What then is stopping you to market your business on twitter?

Twitter is one of the original media platforms in our information era. To successfully boost your business presence and increase revenue, use the following 5 basic techniques: 

Use Twitter Cards

If you are posting about your product or service, use twitter cards so that your post is viewed like below, see example. Also, if you already have a website for your business, you can also add a link to your website in your Twitter posts. You just have to set up your website, so when someone shares your posts, images from the corresponding posts on your website will automatically show up. 

Here is an easy guideline to create twitter cards:

Target Audience

Target audience in Twitter can be very specific. So always create informative or attractive content regarding your business, so that your target audience engage and share and spread your posts. You can also get help from the following link for analyzing your target audience:

Use Hashtags

Hashtags are the most important tool in marketing your business on Twitter. Better choice of hashtags will lead a better engagement on posts and will also increase your followers. You can use Ritetag to get help and find the most efficient hashtags for your posts. 

Email Targeted Ads

Whenever your customers reach out via email, they give you a great chance to target them on social media platforms too. On Twitter, it’s very easy when you choose the audience for your ad, just add the email list of your potential customers. Twitter will find the email address accounts and will target them for your business.  

Target Influencers

Twitter is widely used by popular figures and influencers for public relations and or create a buzz about a product, a service, an event or an idea. Your business should target the relevant influencers to your target audience, and start following their posts, retweet them and also tag them in your tweets. This will increase the chances of your business to be marketed to a very large audience of the respective influencers. You can use the following link to identify influencers for your business:

Marketing of a business used to be very time consuming and a painstaking task in the past. With the advent of modern technology, this hasn’t gotten comparatively easier, but marketing now is more accessible to individuals and small businesses than ever before possible because you can run the most sophisticated marketing campaign right from your phone or table, from anywhere in the world with just internet connection.

You do need to know and learn about the basics of popular marketing platforms like Twitter and expand your marketing reach likewise.


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