One way of increasing revenue is to attract more customers into your store.

And another way is to sell more to those customers who are coming to your store.

There are various ways you can increase your average sale per customer.

1.  Offer every phone activation customer: phone insurance and international calling plans.

a.  This will result in increase in sale amount at the time of sale

b.  This will also increase your Monthly Recurring Charge (MRC) and topup amounts every month

2.  Ask every bill payment customer: “Hey, what phone do you have?”     You’ll be amazed how many people will pull out the phone from their pocket when you ask them this question.  This will give you the opportunity to quickly gauge their accessory need and offer suggestions. You can:

a.  If they don’t have a case, tell your customers about the importance of phone case to keep the phone safe

b.   If they do have a case, show them the latest designs and colors

c.  Offer them a screen protector, if they don’t already have it.   If they have it already, show them the privacy, anti-glare, mirror options.

3.   Have accessory bundles to entice customers to buy more than one and get a better price.  You can offer these deals, for example:

a.  A phone case, screen protector and wired headset for $25 instead of the regular $30.

b.   An OEM phone case, a better screen protector and a Bluetooth headset for $50 instead of the regular $75.

4.  Have impulse-purchase items ready to view and see for the customers near the sales counter, such as:

a.   Bluetooth speaker.  One should be on, connected a phone and playing soft music.

b.  Ipad and tablet cases

c.  Water proof phone case on a phone ready to be dunked in a water bowl to wow every customer!

With these quick practical tips, you should be able to increase your average sale per customer and increase your overall revenue.

Happy selling!




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