Electronic Repair Shop Software: 4 POS Features You Need

Muhammad Saqib

November 14, 2023

Electronic Repair Shop Software: 4 POS Features You Need

Repairing a cell phone using the wrong size screwdriver or tweezers that aren’t quite precise enough sounds tough, right? 

As an expert in the repair industry, you know that certain tools are required for any job — and without them, you won’t be able to work accurately or efficiently. 

Operating a repair shop without the right business tools is similar. 

Running a successful electronic repair shop requires more than technical expertise; you need a powerful system to manage your repairs smoothly from start to finish. 

In this blog, we’ll highlight four must-have point of sale features of electronic repair shop software to keep your business running smoothly, enhance the customer experience, and give your sales a boost. 

1. Track Repair Progress in Real Time

The most important function of electronic repair shop software is that it tracks each of your shop’s repairs from the moment a customer brings in a device to the second it’s ready for pickup. 

Your electronic repair shop software gives you a real-time overview of each repair’s status, allowing you to make sure that repairs are completed on time. This feature replaces tedious manual repair tracking processes that leave room for human error and take up valuable time. 

In addition to keeping your business running efficiently, this feature is also critical for updating your customers on the status of their repairs. Once a technician has marked their repair complete, your customers will receive a text or email alert notifying them that their device is ready to be picked up. 

2. Simplify Repair Pricing

In a repair shop, pricing is a delicate matter. You need to charge prices that will turn a healthy profit for your business — but you also want to stay competitive and offer deals that entice your customers to choose you for their repair needs. 

Your electronic repair shop software can make this easier with a few key features. 

First, you can add your most common repair requests to the software along with standard pricing. This will save your employees time, allowing them to easily select the right repair option from a preset list, and it will ensure that they always charge the right amount for standard service options. 

Your electronic repair shop software should also make it simple to generate quotes for more complex repairs. Within the software, your employees can print a slip with a description of the service needed, the estimated cost of the repair, your shop’s applicable policies, and the expiration date for the quote. 

These features will simplify your repair shop’s pricing system and ensure that you always charge the right price for each repair. 

3. Boost Customer Satisfaction by Offering Loaner Phones

In today’s world, being without a phone for even a short time is a significant inconvenience for your customers.

That’s why offering loaner phones is a critical way to set your repair shop apart from the competition and boost customer satisfaction.

To offer this sales-boosting service, your electronic repair shop software needs loaner phone management features. Within your software, you should be able to record the details of each device, take notes on its original and return condition, and manage loaner phone fees. 

4. Customize Your Repair Shop Policies

Every repair situation is unique — which is why your shop’s policies should be, too. 

Your electronic repair shop software should allow you to set custom policies for each type of repair that you offer in your shop, ensuring that your and your customer’s needs are always met. 

For example, you may offer different levels of guarantees for different types of repairs, or you may have a different return policy depending on the device type and repair situation. 

The right electronic repair shop software will allow you to customize your policies depending on each scenario — and to communicate these guidelines with your customers by printing them on your quote slips, receipts, and more. 

Take Your Electronic Repair Shop to the Next Level With CellSmart POS

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Along with its robust repair management features, CellSmart POS is also a fully equipped point of sale (POS) system capable of handling inventory management, sales transactions, a customer loyalty program, and more.

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