The Best POS Alternative for Your BusinessWhen Leaving QuickBooks POS

Muhammad Saqib

July 10, 2023

The Best POS Alternative for Your BusinessWhen Leaving QuickBooks POS

QuickBooks Desktop Point-of-Sale 19.0 will be retired by October 3, 2023, according to a recent announcement from Intuit.

Let’s first discuss QuickBooks Desktop POS before delving into the specifics of the best POS system for repair shops.

A Final Farewell to QuickBooks

Since it was first released more than 20 years ago, QuickBooks Point of Sale has aided several retail companies in effectively managing payments and company operations. However, the backend structure of the QuickBooks POS software is complicated, making scalability and expansion a problem.

According to recent developments, there will be no more iterations of the famed POS’s 19.0 edition. Additionally, if you continue to use QB-POS, your repair business may later face difficulties because their services will discontinue in October of this year.

What choices do I have?

You can look into dependable Point of Sale solutions depending on the sort of organization and the sector in which you operate. When selecting a POS software, the most crucial factors to take into account are its rich feature set to meet your business needs, flexibility, customizability, ease of use, accessibility with a preference for cloud-based hosting, and a quick, helpful customer support team that is available during all of your business hours.

You can sign up for trials and watch demonstrations of any of the several Point of Sale options on the market to evaluate which is ideal for your repair store. But let’s conduct a fun exercise beforehand to save you time and assist you in identifying the best substitute:

Which of the following industries do you work in?

  • Cellphones
  • Computers
  • Tablets
  • Consoles
  • Drones
  • Watches
  • Personal Accessories: Jewellery
  • Electronics at home
  • Power Tools  
  • Universal

Your business model: 

  • Retail
  • Repair 
  • or both 

Which service model do you use?

  • Warranty & Claims
  • Walk-in Mail-in
  • Trade-in & Refurbishment
  • Manufacturer

We offer the perfect replacement for your Quickbooks POS if you select any of the answers, especially the repair option.

Hello CellSmart Repair POS!

To manage and expand your repair business, let us introduce you to CellSmart POS, the #1 Cloud-based Point of Sale Repair Shop Software.

CellSmart Repair POS competes with QuickBooks in terms of easy shop operations and driving the growth of your repair business and outperforms it by providing a whole ecosystem. 

Checking in and checking out

CellSmart POS is seamless, quick, dependable, and designed specifically for your repair store operations. Our software enables your employees to self-check by decreasing personnel mistakes. CellSmart Repair POS offers a customer-facing display for the benefit of your customers. Process customers more quickly.

Invoicing and Billing

CellSmart Repair POS allows seamless invoicing. You can convert quotes into invoices and obtain a digital signature for your store’s terms and conditions to safeguard all payments. CellSmart Repair POS helps automate recurring payments and save time. 

Inventory Control

Organize your goods so you can keep track of everything from orders to sales. To manage your inventory and organize your products, use inventory labels. To retrieve products from your POS, use a barcode reader. Make modifications, transfer items between stores, create purchase orders, and count inventory.

Integrated Vendors

Stocks of inventory products should never run low. Order parts, accessories, gadgets, and anything else you require from supplier partners to receive the best items at worldwide discounts. Get notifications when your stock is running low.


Using the best POS system for your business, you can send personalized email campaigns, templates, and SMS messages to connect with customers. Offer choices for refunds, retail credits, loyalty programs, and warranty claims.

Tools for Productivity

It is cumbersome to switch to a new POS system quickly. However, you may relax knowing that CelSmart Repair POS has you covered as your quickest path to productivity. 

The following productivity tools can help you run your shop more efficiently:

Management of Customer Relationships

Manage and analyze customer data, such as contact details, order histories, spending habits, and payment history. Run marketing campaigns based on this information and reward recurring customers with loyalty points and gifts.

Employee Administration

Monitor the clock-ins, clock-outs, task allocations, and more for your personnel. Assigning clear duties to staff can help you better lead them. You should also actively monitor their growth and performance. Use the reporting feature to track the sales/repair each employee produces.

Detailed Reports

Receive emails with reports on your store’s daily operations. Charts and graphs that show your progress allow you to grasp important information. Put your business on the road to success by learning which aspects of your store are working effectively. 

Multiple-Store Management

CellSmart Repair POS helps you expand and manage your stores from one place. Our repair software allows you to transfer inventory and tickets from one store to another. You can also view multistore reports that provide an overview of the accessories, trade-in devices, casual products, repairs, and unlocking performed at each store location. 

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