3 Key Repair POS Features for Stress-Free Management and Growth of your Repair Business!

Muhammad Saqib

May 15, 2023

3 Key Repair POS Features for Stress-Free Management and Growth of your Repair Business!

Running any business successfully requires attention to detail and an effective management model. If you happen to run a repair store that requires the best team of technicians who are well-versed in all kinds of repairs, especially the latest device issues.

You can hire well trained and experienced tech team who met all the required job descriptions, but you are still not having any fast growth and do not have enough time to analyze your repair store’s daily management.

Well, you need a repair POS for your store that helps you stay on top of everything. From managing your repair technicians, keeping your customers satisfied, smooth daily management of store tasks, and much more. 

Here are 3 must-have features of repair POS that will help your repair store reach new heights of growth. 

  1. Smart Repair Ticket Management  

Almost every repair POS in the POS software industry provides a repair ticket feature. But you need a repair POS that helps you:

  • Create separate repair tickets for your technicians and customers
  • Add notes for your repair technicians
  • Assign repair tickets for a specific technician 
  • Set a deadline for repair completion
  • SMS alert 

Repair store owners are very dedicated and committed professionals who have started their stores/services singlehandedly from scratch by self-learning. But, after years of hard work and overtime, repair store owners deserve to have a smooth management model that takes some burden off their shoulders. Get a repair POS software that has an SMS alert feature. This feature helps you:

  • Intimate customers instantly about their device repair status
  • Ease the job of repair technicians by allowing them to simply change the repair status in repair POS software, which then automatically sends the alert to the customers
  • Improves the efficiency of overall store tasks. For example, before this feature, your repair technician might have completed the repair, but for some reason, your team forget to inform the customer or got busy with other things, and the information get passed on lately. This delays the other pending tasks
  • Gets you paid on time for the repair done by customers
  • Sell serialized/itemized items together with repair 

Since almost every repair store is now selling phones, accessories, and many other items in their stores, they have to get their hands on a repair shop POS that enables them to sell their items in the same invoice of repair. Because creating two invoices is not just time-consuming but also difficult to track in case of any complaints or issues. 

Simple yet advanced repair POS software is the answer to these small yet very important daily management tasks.

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