7 Mother’s Day Marketing & Promotional Ideas to Honor Moms

Muhammad Saqib

May 09, 2023

7 Mother’s Day Marketing & Promotional Ideas to Honor Moms

Mother’s Day advertising strategies delight moms while luring clients seeking gift suggestions. Mother’s Day is the second most popular holiday for gift-giving. The National Retail Federation (NRF) estimates spending $28.1 billion last year’s Mother’s Day customers.  

You may boost your seasonal sales by emphasizing gifts and gift ideas for mothers and launching a marketing campaign. It’s hard to stand out from the competition and draw in your target audience. Mother’s Day deals are available in almost every store. Utilise marketing strategies that honor mothers throughout your internet platforms including websites and social media spaces to set apart your business uniquely from competitors. These seven strategies will make your customers happy while giving your revenue a big boost.

1. Social Media Mother’s Day Promotional Ideas

“92% of US moms use social media,” according to Edison Research. Use your social media platforms as part of your Mother’s Day marketing strategy. In addition, 80% of people “turn to it for product recommendations,” with more than half of mothers admitting they look at Facebook first. 

Moms mostly use Facebook (81% of moms use Facebook compared to “61% of the total US population” age 12 and older), but they also often use Instagram and Pinterest. Make moms a priority on your social media channels by honoring and appreciating them. 

Ideas for social media promotion include:

Create a board for parents on Pinterest. Use infographics containing statistics on moms and do-it-yourself (DIY) projects. Include a few of your Mother’s Day promotion ideas, such as coupons or discount codes. Share the URL to your giveaway, please!


Launch a Mother’s Day giveaway a week or two before the occasion and keep it straightforward by selecting a winner randomly from comments on Facebook.


Over 29 million posts use the hashtag #mothersday, and 53% of moms use this platform. Share team-related images or phrases, and invite your followers to leave comments with their opinions. Again, choosing a contest winner is simple and free when using an Instagram comment picker. 

2. Mother’s Day Photo Contests with Capture the Moment

Mothers stay in touch with their friends and relatives by sharing images. They record happy occasions, events, and even unfortunate ones. Make a gallery where people may vote on the funniest image.

Hold a Mother’s Day picture competition where:


  • Invite your audience to contribute a #momfail to demonstrate the funny side of parenthood. 
  • Can one of your customers locate a snapshot from the first year of motherhood? 
  • Asking for user-generated content (UGC) from children, mothers, grandmothers, and great-grandmothers will include all generations. 

3. Tag your mother to be entered to win.

A simple strategy for your Mother’s Day advertising ideas is to ask people to tag their favorite mothers in the comments of your Facebook or Instagram posts. Create a reward package for two people, and then select a winner at random from your social media comments. 

Take it a step further by creating a hashtag so that followers may contribute pictures for a chance to win. Don’t forget to mention your reward in full and invite participants to follow your page.

4. The Best Mother’s Day Gifts Challenge Bracket

Four to 64 options and one or more rounds can be part of your bracket challenge. It’s a creative approach to Mother’s Day marketing strategies. You may run a tournament using any mom-related issue, but ESPN held a contest recognizing the finest TV/sports parents.

Change the subject:

  • Mothers in the animal kingdom who are the best or busiest
  • Renowned moms in literature and art
  • The best mothers in the sea
  • Best Mothers in Hollywood, top Mother’s Day Songs

5. Marketing Suggestions for Mother’s Day: Share Your Memory

Provide a forum for customers to share their memories. A simple Facebook post or update on your community page might suffice. However, you may apply this theme to your physical stores and online platforms. 

On Mother’s Day, take a sentimental tack by:

Creating a landing page:

Your Mother’s Day gift store can feature brand-specific promos and emphasize screenshots and customer-submitted photographs. Additionally, advertise your Mother’s Day offer using a pop-up. 

Hold a UGC competition:

Encourage your followers to share their memories in the media of their choice, be it text, video, or photo. Additionally, you should use a landing website and social media postings for your UGC contest across several platforms.

Create DIY content: 

Customers desire creative ideas for Mother’s Day celebrations and advice on how to make them extra memorable. Continue your “Share Your Memory” campaign by providing cheat sheets and instructions for creating homemade gifts with historical themes.

6. With an instant-win game, every mum wins.

Moms will visit your website or landing page more frequently if they can quickly win a gift. You choose the odds and duration before promoting your Mother’s Day Instant Win game via email and other web channels.  

Create a coupon giveaway so that each mother receives a discount or a free item with their subsequent purchase. Then give your quick winners additional rewards, such as gift baskets or cards.

7. Post Your Answers to the Mom & Kids Quiz to Win

Engage Moms and Kids with quizzes on your website and social media. They can even be a part of your email marketing efforts. 

Contrarily, trivia tests evaluate the knowledge of mothers or children. Make pop culture allusions to amuse your audience, such as mentioning your favorite Mom and Me Golden Girls scenes. After that, present your quiz. Ask your social media fans to reply with their score for a chance to win your giveaway as an extra incentive.

Use these Mother’s Day campaign ideas to test your customers: 

  • Do you know your mother well?
  • Which kind of mother are you?
  • Can you ace this test for new mothers?
  • What kind of “Mom” are you?
  • Which mother of the Golden Girls are you?
  • Recognize any of these famous mothers?
  • How well-adept are you with your son or daughter?
  • Which mom of a superhero are you?
  • Quiz on mothers at work
  • A mother: Are you prepared?
  • What ought you to give your mother on Mother’s Day?
  • Which mother from Disney are you?

A multi-channel Mother’s Day promotion honors mothers. Create a topic that is humorous, emotional, or both. And provide audience-specific material like gift ideas or advice on how to make the occasion extra special. 

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