Start and Run a Successful Repair Store in 2023!


January 11, 2023

Start and Run a Successful Repair Store in 2023!

Are you preparing to start your own repair business offering repairs for computers and cell phones? 2023 is the best time to enter this multi-billion dollar phone repair business!

Starting a repair business is exciting yet challenging at the same time. We’ll make an effort to assist you in overcoming these obstacles so you may establish the repair store of your dreams.

What you’ll need to launch your business?

Let’s start by going through everything you’ll need to perform the initial setup. A source for repairing laptops and smartphones (of course). Fantastic if you’re good at fixing things yourself! If not, you must seek outside assistance and employ a repair technician. Next thing, you need a repair toolbox for fixing various gadgets. The majority of repair professionals utilize and endorse iFixit Pro Tech Toolkit. The next most important task is to get a wholesale repair parts vendor. CellSmart POS repair POS software also provides a list of wholesale repair parts vendors inside the POS for your assistance.

Now in 2023, everything is digital, and every repair business needs a repair POS that provides the best management of repair tickets and invoices. It’s critical to have a digital method of generating repair tickets and invoices for customers, but it involves much more than simply noting down the customer’s name, contact information, device type, and repair issues because as the repair progresses, you must inform the customer with status updates, receive payment, handle refund, collect feedback, etc. 

If you plan to perform all your ticketing and billing procedures on paper, you simply and humanly will not be able to because there are only so many hours a day you can concentrate. You must get the help of a repair shop POS software that can perform all of these tedious daily tasks for your repair business, while you can concentrate on efficiently and quickly repairing all your customers’ devices.

Accept all types of payments, and don’t expect every consumer to pay you with cash. You have to provide the convenience of card payments. So, get a repair shop POS system like CellSmart Repair POS which allows you to accept credit card payments nd helps you email invoices to your customers.

Get the first customer.

After setting up your brick-and-mortar store, what do you need to do next? Sales. You can’t wait for customers to pop up in your shop. Put in a marketing effort for your first customers.

First, make a list of your potential customers using your contacts from friends, family, ex-colleagues, and their friends, and then send them emails or, even better, give them a call. 

Secondly, to grab the attention of your potential customers, create product and service bargains and promote them on your social media profiles. Post your store’s offers on the front window.

Attract more customers 

Even after having a lot of customers, continue to come up with innovative ways to draw in new ones.

Sell them gift cards for your shop that they may use to buy gifts for their friends and family. Request your customers to talk about their experience of your repairs on social media and tag your business in their posts. Give a special discount to the customers who recommend your shop to others.

Upload photos of your most recent repairs, special discounts, and new promotions to your social media profiles to keep them updated. Run intriguing competitions, offer freebies, and similar genuine campaigns to show gratitude to your customers while creating a buzz at the same time. 

CellSmart repair POS also provides an SMS marketing feature to help you send sales offers and promotions to your customers. 

Hire employees with good work ethic

Even if you launch your store singlehandedly, you’ll eventually require staff to assist you in running your operations. So, instead of wearing yourself out with the labor, hire staff with good work ethics. Trained technicians are better suited for any business if they perform their tasks diligently. For repair tickets and sales, you may hire a sales representative later for smooth store management.

And to save yourself from managing these employees manually, use a repair POS software that has employee management included:

  • Clock-in/clock-out
  • Daily employee reports
  • Tasks update
  • and much more

CellSmart repair POS software has the best employee management available in the POS industry.

Go multi-stores

Why not expand your phone repair business to a large repair entity operation now that you have established it? To attract more customers and completely transform the repair sector, open many storefronts in various places. You’ve successfully launched a repair shop previously; you can do it better this time.

Franchises can help you launch and expand your phone repair business.

Want to assist other DIY enthusiasts like yourself? Allow home-based repair technicians to open a store with your brand name. You’ll gain positive karma with improved market visibility and revenue by having numerous sales fronts.

Manage all these storefronts from one place with the CellSmart POS multi-store management feature. It will keep you updated on everything including:

  • Store opening & closing update
  • Sales
  • Employees performance
  • Inventory stock at each location
  • & much more

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