Mother’s Day Marketing Strategy For Retail Stores!

Muhammad Saqib

April 27, 2022

Mother’s Day Marketing Strategy For Retail Stores!

Mother’s day is just around the corner and this is an excellent time to start advertising for it. Last year the spending during Mother’s Day was almost $28 billion and this year it’s expected to surpass that amount since the Mask Mandate is largely over and people can now meet, greet and socialize much more than last year, when most places had mask mandate and enforced social distancing rules. All the retail stores are gearing up for one of the biggest sales of the year. You need to follow these 5 simple marketing tips to make the most out of this year’s Mother’s day sale:


Mother’s Day Marketing Strategy For Retail Stores!

1) Make a special sale offer

No matter what kind of retail shop you run, you can offer special discounts either on selected items or everything in store for women in general. It will give out a strong message to your customers that you care about all the mothers out there, and are participating in this wonderful gift giving holiday.

2) Use Social Media

“92% of US parents use social media,” according to Edison Research. Making your social platforms is an integral part of your Mother’s Day marketing strategy. Furthermore, 80% “look to it for product recommendations,” with more than half of moms stating that Facebook is their first stop.

Therefore, you must target your ads to them for these promotions, and engage as much as possible.

3) Designate a special booth

The best way to engage your customers inside the store is to provide something as a gift for any fun activity. During this Mother’s day sale, you can set up a booth with a backdrop, and ask your customers to take selfies and tag your store on Instagram or Facebook. This will help you engage their friends on social platforms, and attract more sales.

4) Partner up with a local dessert store

On this special day, serve your customers special sweet treats by partnering up with your local dessert stores, and posting relevant content on your social media pages. It will bring smiles to your customers’ faces, and wealth into your pockets.

5) SMS marketing

To achieve maximum results, you must send promotional text messages / SMS with the promotion info about the Mother’s day to your customers. With CellSmart POS, you can send 1000 SMS for just $20.

Mothers day is special, and one of the most celebrated holidays in the USA. Make it more special for your customers by offering promotions in store and in social media spaces. Reach maximum customers with the SMS marketing campaign. Get in touch for your marketing campaign now!

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