Turn Your Business Losses into Profits!

Muhammad Saqib

April 07, 2021

Turn Your Business Losses into Profits!

After working with the retail industry for more than a decade, we realized there are three key elements to save losses and run business smoothly for success:

  1. Reconcile
  2. Reconcile
  3. Reconcile

Reconcile is a process of matching two sets of records so that there is no missing dollar. Now, why is it important?

Well, the most important thing in business as well as generally in life is to have a sense of financial management to keep everything in balance. For example, if you earn $1000 in a week and spend $1200, then you will be at a great loss. To make it up, you will have to start spending less which will help you save money that can be used in other areas to help you build your dreams.

As a business owner, you spend most of your working and non-working hours to find ways to making more sales and increase revenue. But you may be losing thousands of dollars already by not doing:

  1. Bill Payments Reconcile
  2. Inventory Reconcile
  3. Check used phones from the state police website
  4. Credit Card payments reconcile
  5. Reconcile employees’ clock in/clock out and calculate their daily salary
  6. Smile and Dial
  7. Reconciling Repair parts that are used in the repair
  8. And back-office management

Getting a reconciliation service means you get benefits of:

Eliminate Your Accounting Errors

Running a store, finding vendors, marketing the products, and most importantly overviewing every aspect of the business is already taken up most of your time. Now managing accounting errors in reports by yourself is just impossible for any business owner. 

Let the professionals check your business accounting errors. 

Never Lose on Commissions

Running a Cellphone store means you will be selling network connections and it makes you eligible for commissions. Now get all your commissions reconciled with our help. Also, we will always get your bill payments reconciled. 

Keep Your Employees in Check

Running multiple stores with numerous employees makes it difficult to keep everyone’s working hours and payments. With CellSmart Reconcile you easily get all of it done with actual reporting. 

Now you have two options to get your back office management by hiring an extra employee by paying him or her thousands of dollars. Or you can simply hire the services of CellSmart Reconcile in hundred dollars and get everything done from more than a decade experienced team. 


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