Grow your Home-Based Repair Business


October 20, 2020

Grow your Home-Based Repair Business

With more than 260 million smartphones users and average revenue of 70 billion dollars yearly, the cellphone industry of the USA is one of the largest in the world. This huge market feeds directly into the equally exponentially increasing repair industry. The cellphone is a personal possession that contains private content including pictures, videos, contact numbers, and other sensitive data. Hold onto a phone for long enough, at one point or another, most phone owners will require some sort of repair on their device.

The repair industry in the USA is increasing everyday due to the increase in the userbase. Many repair technicians started out working from their homes. Also, since Covid-19, this trend of working from home has grown like wild fire. Many established repair technicians with a brick and mortar store likely moved from their stores to homes since businesses have been closed for months.

Now the competition of working from home is also really high. So, how can you stay efficient and keep your repair sales high while working from home? Simple, by following three basic tricks:

1) Spend on Marketing

If you are running a repair shop from your home, you need online marketing more than anything.  Try a few free platforms like:

  • OfferUp
  • Facebook Marketplace
  • Craigslist
  • 5 Miles
  • Instagram

If your business increases, then you can opt for paid marketing like Google ads, Facebook and Instagram ads, OfferUp boost.

Also, you can send out flyers or business cards in coffee shops, gyms, and other recreational activity places. It will provide you a chance to spread your business around.

2) Keep Inventory Stacked Up

The biggest challenge a home-based repair business faces is the lack of inventory. Because at home, a common mistake almost every other technician or owner does, is not creating an efficient working space to stock inventory. That results in customer loss. So, we recommend you to keep enough space for inventory stock and also keep the suppliers on your phone dial.

3) Automation under Budget 

Hiring the complete services of a Point of Sale Software is not only expensive but also unnecessary for repair business. Instead, you should spend $15 and get a repair module for your business. So you can keep sales high by keeping your repair tickets and other data updated. CellSmart POS can help you with it.

Starting or running a small business is always challenging yet rewarding. We understand it because we started our business at home too. If you run your business efficiently, it will grow in no time.  


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