How to Market Your Business on LinkedIn

Muhammad Saqib

February 12, 2020

How to Market Your Business on LinkedIn

Marketing is about building an image of your brand which represents the identity and the purpose of your business to your target audience and to the world. In our recent blogs, we showed you how to market your business on Facebook and Twitter. Today, we will show you about marketing your business on LinkedIn, which has a more professional outlook and networking opportunities with your potential customers.

Let’s follow these 5 simple steps to take your business on LinkedIn:

  1. Build your Profile
How to Market Your Business on LinkedIn

You might be thinking that this blog is about marketing your business, then why build your profile? Because you and all of your business employees are brand ambassadors for your the business. This is why all of your business personnel profiles combine to form a ‘linked-web’ or linkedin organization—that is your brand. Do remember while building up your profile to add skills and all of your achievements so that you can attract your target audience.

  • Create LinkedIn Business Profile & Connect with Everyone
How to Market Your Business on LinkedIn

The next step is to set up your business profile and treat your business. LinkedIn profile like a website. It should give your followers ample opportunities to know more about your business and connect with your employees to communicate about their inquiries. Also, remember that you should connect your business profile with everyone. Naturally, when you connect your profile with multitude of people, you will have a much better chance to market your business to a large and driver audience on LinkedIn.   

  • Create Target Audience and Define your Goals

If you want your marketing to be result-oriented, then create a target audience inside LinkedIn and define your goals before marketing your business. Start by knowing your target audience appetite on LinkedIn, and then incorporate that content in your business profile posts. After this, the next step is to define your goals, i.e., Do you want to create awareness about your brand? Do you want to promote products? Or both? Generally, businesses tend to create awareness and promote products alongside their marketing content.

  • Post Engaging Content

Keep your profile updated with engaging content that attracts your followers. It’s a common saying that, “Business buyers don’t buy your product; they buy into your approach to solving their problems.” With little bit of research, you should be able to find the requirements and goals of your target audience, and thereafter, create relevant content.

You can also share other people’s content too because sometimes it drives untargeted audience to your profile and also depicts the maturity of your business.

5) Optimize your Profile and Sponsor the Best Content:

Insert keywords: Always ensure to incorporate keywords in your company profile information, which represents your business identity and what it offers. When adding keywords in your profile content, think like a customer, for example, what words or phrases would a potential customer use when searching for your product or service?

Link to your Company Page: To create links to your company page, do the following,

  • Link your Company Page from your website, blog, and other marketing materials
  • Make sure that the LinkedIn profiles of your employees are up to date. Because, when they add your company to their work experience, a link is created back to your Company Page.

Share Relevant Content: It’s a simple formula that, if you want your business to stay relevant to customers, post relevant content for them regularly. This goes for every social media platform, not just linkedin. Because whenever you will publish updates on your business profile, they also appear on your public page, which allows Google and other search engines to index your content. As your content becomes more and more frequent, your content slowly moves up the search engine results and ultimately drives more people to your business.

How to Market Your Business on LinkedIn

For sponsoring your best content, here are a few tips to follow:

  • Attract your followers by getting your Company Page updates in front of more people
  • Use LinkedIn’s targeting options to reach just the right audience
  • Get your message seen on every device, from desktop to tablet to mobile
  • Use Direct Sponsored Content to test variations of your messaging
  • Track the number of leads you are getting from your ads with conversion tracking


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