How to market your cellphone store on Facebook

Muhammad Saqib

December 10, 2019

How to market your cellphone store on Facebook

Imagine you are invited to a big sales event which is hosting about two thousand people in a community hall, and all your competitors have already reached there while you are still stuck in traffic. Yes, this is going to be painful to know that those two thousand people have been targeted by your competitors and you can’t do anything. Well, it is not the case with social media. Facebook has 2 billion active users monthly, which means it’s a big platform, and 68% of Americans are using it daily. This 68 % of Americans are in your reach to target, and all you need is the right strategy to use your Facebook to target your audience for your cellphone stores. 

Step 1:

Setup your Facebook and Instagram account. Write details about your Cellphone store and be careful in choosing words. The reason for words choice will be explained shortly in the blog.

Start posting daily about your cellphone store updates and new products. For posting on Facebook and Instagram, there is a famous role for it called 60/30/10. It guides you to,

Step 2:

  • Post 60% engaging content 
  • 30% should be content which is like influencer, user-generated, insider tips and from other stores that align with your store
  • Remaining 10% of your content should promote your products, services, sales event, etc.

SEO for Facebook:

Be very careful in writing about your business, about section, description section, headline, photo captions, notes and updates, because every word you use, can make your chances of being found, high and low, in the search engine of Facebook. You can also use SEO tools like AHREFS to pinpoint the keywords your business should use with its site explorer tool.   

Get Vanity URL:       

When you set up your Facebook page, you are given a URL which consists of generic numbers and alphabets. You should claim a vanity URL from Facebook for your business page. 

It’s very easy to claim your vanity URL, Just

  • Visit
  • Check dropdown menu adjacent to “Page Name” and select the page for which to get your Vanity URL
  • Write down the desired username
  • Find availability
  • If available click “confirm”, if not try another name

 Be Engaging & Active: 

Stay active and always give a response to good and bad comments on your posts. Also, keep an eye on happenings on different pages and groups regarding cellphones and other posts related to Cellphone businesses and interests. 

Also, ask questions from your followers regarding cellphones and other interests to engage them and increase your page following.

Expand reach through Ads:

Facebook ads is a very strong tool to give a boost to your organic marketing efforts and enhance your page performance. Create personalized interests to engage your audience and pitch new products or services for your cellphone store to your target audience. You can also use Facebook Pixel, which tracks your page visitors and enables you to retarget them. 


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