8 Ways a Repair POS Benefits Your Cellphone Business

Masum Iqbal

April 15, 2019

8 Ways a Repair POS Benefits Your Cellphone Business

Do your employees make pricing mistakes that lead to lost profits? Are you running out of merchandise on a regular basis? A cellphone POS (Point of Sale) can give you more control and add efficiencies to your cellphone business.

If you’re struggling to reach the next level, a repair POS system will add proficiencies you cannot achieve using paper tickets and spreadsheets. As a modern business selling cellphone repair services, shouldn’t your technology be on par? In this article, we review some of the specific benefits you’ll see by incorporating a repair POS system into your cellphone repair business.

Invest in A Repair POS for These 8 Benefits

While spreadsheets and a mix of programs can help for a while, they tend to get overwhelming. A complete POS system should include everything you need to run your business – outside of the products and services themselves. Here are eight benefits you need to know about.

  1. Save Time – You and your team will spend less time looking for information and manually entering tickets.
  2. Reduce Mistakes – A POS system stores everything from pricing to customer information and more. With easy access to accurate pricing, your employees will make fewer mistakes thereby improving your bottom line.
  3. Simplify Inventory Management – Knowing your inventory levels sets you up so that you’ll never run out of products. Keeping track of your inventory and the whole ordering process is easier with a system that tracks your merchandise.
  4. Improve Employee Management – Keep tabs on employee performance with a POS system. A good POS will include a time clock, detailed reporting, a commission tracker, and more.
  5. Streamline Your Accounting – Tired of spending all your time pulling together information from spreadsheets to analyze your cellphone repair business? A good reporting system has the capabilities to process based on a variety of data points. When tax season comes along, it will be a lot easier to pull the paperwork together for your accountant.
  6. Share Promotions with Customers – Coming into a slow season? You’ll be able to create a promotional campaign and use the contact information stored in your POS software to share it with your existing customers.
  7. Enhance Customer Experience – The modern customer expects a lot from your business. Employees will be able to provide more accurate turnaround times and speed up the checkout process with a repair POS.
  8. Monitor the Business Remotely – If you’re traveling or simply out of office, you can still stay connected to what’s going on. A cloud-based POS system gives you the ability to access your company’s data in real time.

Purchasing a repair POS is a great way to increase profits whether you’re just starting out in the cellphone repair business, or you’ve been open for several years. Which of the points above do you need the most in your business? Let us know in the comments below!

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