A Complete Repair Shop Software


CellSmart POS Repair Feature is the solution to

stop inside theft and run your store smoothly

 Software Features

Track Your Parts

A technician can categorize the inventory in an effective and simple way to help keep track of what repair parts are in stock and which ones are running low. By maintaining an organized inventory you can keep a lookout for the expensive repair pieces to prevent inside theft.

Detailed Receipts

 Print detailed repair receipts that are easy to read and understand for your customers. The receipts will include your store phone number, address, logo and the name of the technician. You can also include your own customizable repair policy on the receipt.

Repair Tickets

The repair tickets for your customers will include all necessary information such as price, password, and IMEI. Keeping track of the IMEI avoids employers losing track of inventory. You can also manage your customers’ repairs and keep track of them every step of the way.

Message Alerts

Once a repair is finished, you can send the customer a text message or an E-mail. The message lets the customer know the repair job is completed and the item is ready to be picked up. Most importantly, the message will also include the amount due at pick up.

Repair Reports

Since the repair module is integrated into CellSmart POS it also includes repair reports.  In this report, you can see which repairs were completed and which ones are currently open, along with the customer’s contact information and the amount they paid. Most importantly owners and managers are able to schedule a report using an email address, which they will receive weekly and automatically on the day of their choosing.