Get control of your repair store

Receipt Indicator
Big and bold receipt type

Customer Information
Customer name, number and/or address

Item Information
Complete information of the item that requires to be repaired. This also includes Serial Number and Password

Check List
A complete checklist of the item you receive for repair. This includes the lock pattern to help you test screens after repair

Item Problem
Complete detail of repair problem

Repair Detail
Repair detail can be entered as itemize list with price

Multiple Taxes
You can have one or multiple taxes based on your state

Deposit amount if you receive any

Ensure customer signature and acceptance all business terms & conditions

Manage Repairs On Your Finger Tips, with CellSmart’s Customized Repair Tickets That Keeps Track Of Each Repair On Your Phone!

Customized Repair Tickets

CellSmart allows you to add notes and any other information on repair tickets

Assign Repair Tickets

Run your repair business like a pro with CellSmart by assigning each repair ticket to your repair technicians

Set Deadlines

Add deadlines of each repair ticket for your assigned repair tech, and get’s notified over its completion

Integrate Your Website

Provide comfort and convenience to your customers by integrating your website, so that your customers can easily track their repair status from home

Signed Receipts

Never lose a single dollar on any repair now. Keep each repair’s electronically signed receipt from customers.

Charge Diagnostic Fee

In the repair business, time is the most valuable asset. Because delivering repairs on time is what makes your store stand out from the crowd. Now, charge diagnostic fees for all the pre-repairs

Manage Customers & Devices History

CellSmart allows you to add all the important information of your customers and their devices so that you can keep track of their repairs and if a customer asks for repair again, you can show them their device previous repairs done at your store

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How to Create a Repair Ticket