Pre-loaded list

CellSmart POS helps you run your repair store effortlessly with a pre-defined repair list already added. Just tick the box and add the repair to the invoice.


Add custom repairs

You can also add new repair items to the list. Our repair software is flexible and customizable as per your needs.

Set a tax percentage

You can also set a tax percentage that has to add over the repair sale for once. And our repair software will automatically add the tax over the repair sale.

Edit prices anytime

CellSmart POS allows you to edit the repair prices list at any time. Your repair product may cost you more than before, and by editing the price you won’t lose any money.


CellSmart POS helps you save time to make more repair sales.

Want to know more? Watch our helpful videos.

How to Create a Repair Ticket

How to Edit or Close Repairs

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