Email Receipts

CellSmart POS has fixed this issue by offering the feature of email receipt. Now you can simply email the receipt to your customers a the time of printing.

Adds transparency

Emailing the receipt adds the trust and confidence of your customers in your business. It helps them to keep track of their repaired devices too without worrying about losing the printed receipt.

Save money

If your customer is happy with having the receipt emailed only, then you can save your money on paper as well. As you won’t be printing those receipts.

Environment friendly

Paper wastage has increased in manifolds in the last few years, and it is a cause of serious environmental damage. Emailing the receipts helps the businesses keep the environment safe. CellSmart POS cares about the environment.

Signs on receipts, still intact

CellSmart POS offers digital signatures for your receipts. So, you can take your customers’ signatures on receipts with an electronic device without worrying about using paper receipts. Later on, you can decide whether your customer wants an email receipt or printed one, or even both.

Want to know more? Watch our helpful videos.

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