The Best Mobile Phone Diagnostic Software in 2023

Muhammad Saqib

July 21, 2023

The Best Mobile Phone Diagnostic Software in 2023

Purchasing mobile diagnostic software is an excellent idea to draw more customers into your repair business.

Without Diagnostic Software

Without diagnostic software, you must go through a lengthy and boring manual procedure for each phone brought in for repair or refurbishment to identify any potential flaws. Cons of manual methods include the following:

  • A lengthy and inadequate diagnostic process
  • Incorrect and insufficient diagnoses based on conjecture
  • Unknown eligibility requirements, terms and conditions, and validation criteria
  • Ignoring data protection legalities and SOPs
  • Ineffective method of wiping phone data for repair

The Benefits of Using Diagnostic Software

Shortcomings of the manual process can get reduced with diagnostic software.

When it comes to repairs, pinpointing the specific problem with a device enables you to tell your customers the truth about the state of their gadgets and aids in using the finest repair techniques.

On the other hand, refurbished phones get purchased in groups. While adding them to your point-of-sale software by scanning their barcodes can be simple, manually checking each one takes much longer and is far less effective. Using a diagnostic tool is a better idea.

Having thorough cell phone diagnostic software will help you avoid paying a high price for a phone if you provide trade-ins. Additionally, you will learn if any additional work is needed or not for each gadget and determine its pricing accordingly.

Trade-ins have a special section on CellSmart Repair POS where you can easily include the cost of any repairs and price the trade-ins appropriately. 

This article discusses the top five programs. But first, let’s list the typical problems that repair orders for cell phones encounter.

Common Problems In Cell Phone Repair Diagnosis

When a phone comes for repair, a visual inspection can uncover faults that need physical repair but a simple diagnostic check can reveal all other internal concerns. The following method will make your diagnostics more smooth.

The most frequent hardware fault is a broken screen.

On the software side, doing a diagnostic check has various advantages, like giving customers accurate prices, providing more thorough repair services, documenting a device’s state for legal reasons, etc. 

The following are some of the most typical repair issues:

  • Issues with the display, such as dead pixels
  • Problems with battery drainage and charging
  • IMEI problems and functional mistakes 
  • Touch sensor issues on the screen and keypad
  • Issues with the audio and microphone
  • Faulty front or rear cameras
  • Problems with software updates or reinstallation
  • Connection issues with Bluetooth, wifi, and other systems

If you have our CellSmart Repair POS system, these problems are already listed inside the software to make your repair ticket creation process fast. Additionally, it offers an inventory management function that makes it quick and easy to keep track of your supply of refurbished phones.

Utilize your phone’s built-in diagnostic tool.

You’ll frequently be fortunate since the phone that needs repair already have software installed for diagnostics. Today’s smartphones can help you perform diagnostics before you launch any particular software or hold it up to a magnifying glass. Manufacturers and authorized repair personnel can now work on fixing these phones because the self-check-up software makes it simple for them to identify problems.

Xiaomi and other Android mobile phone makers offer their covert diagnostic software, compared to Apple, making it nearly impossible for customers to run self-checkups on their phones. You can use specific codes to activate the test app:


By selecting Settings > Battery, you can check the status and performance of your battery.

For the Android hidden diagnostics menu, enter *#0*#, and for the use information menu, enter *#*#4636#*#.

These settings and codes are a little challenging to locate the precise information you seek. Furthermore, the data and tests by these integrated diagnostic tools are simple. They can check the phone’s general health and do a few simple tests, but they won’t be able to run thorough diagnostics.

Choose software designed to diagnose you in detail. The most popular ones for 2023 are listed below.

The Top Diagnostic Programme for Cell Phone Repair Shops

In a single day, a cell phone repair store performs numerous diagnostic tests. So, investing in quality testing software can help you save time and work more effectively.

Here is a list of the top 5 multi-OEM diagnostic programs:

1. M360soft

A specialized diagnostic tool created for the cell phone repair sector is called M360soft. Because it works with both iOS and Android, it is perfect for independent repair businesses.

To find problems with mobile phone cameras, batteries, storage, connectivity, audio, sensors, buttons, and screens, M360soft provides 26 tests. These evaluations take two minutes per gadget. Since all history gets saved on the cloud, you can share it with all your stores. Customers can get their devices repaired from your closest location.

When a device is connected, M360 automatically retrieves information, including its warranty and IMEI. Its data deletion method is seamless, secure, and rapid. Additionally, it provides device labels to help you organize your repairs and buy-ins.

2. FutureDial 

FutureDial is an automated program for the mobile device sector that works for well-known firms like Sprint and Verizon. The business boasts that it can diagnose a cell phone gadget for repairs in less than 90 seconds.

FutureDial offers precise grading to establish a cell phone’s market value. Model identification, stolen/lost verification, lock detection, battery health, data erasure, and other tests are just a few of the numerous ones it does.

Although FutureDial provides a wide range of tests, it is ideal for businesses that place large orders because it is more expensive.

3. PiceaServices

PiceaServices offers a complete repair solution to cell phone repair stores, including device diagnostics and correct trade-in phone valuations. The PiceaServices suite provides many applications focussing on different functions like data transfer, data erasure, and device unlocking. The diagnosis, which finds hardware and software problems, takes about two to three minutes for each device.

Up to 32 devices’ of data get deleted simultaneously using PiceaServices. It incorporates an AI screen grading system that automatically assesses the state of your screen and determines whether a replacement is required. Post-repair inspections check helps you to check if the device got fixed.

4. NSYS Diagnostics 

The cloud-based application NSYS Diagnostics works with both iPhones and Android smartphones. It can do a checkup and display a thorough report on a device in about 2-3 minutes. Additionally, it can simultaneously analyze up to 60 devices. It is helpful for repair shop owners who have agreements with schools, carrier stores, or other organizations and receive bulk repair requests.

IMEI checks, data restoration, label printing, cloud databasing, and the detection of non-original parts are a few of the diagnostic services it offers. This program provides thorough error reports and includes more than 60 tests. You can test a lot of devices faster with this automated software.

NSYS is a cloud-based system, so it preserves a record of all your previous data and makes it simple to retrieve it. Less likelihood of diagnostic error exists because most of the process involves little human interaction.

5. MobiTEST

A diagnostic tool called MobiTEST helps to shorten testing periods in repair shops without sacrificing repair quality. It includes a guided, adaptable workflow that satisfies all client and employee needs. With MobiTEST, you can quickly test all of the features of the required mobile devices. It helps you establish a consistent standard for quality.

Additionally, MobiTEST provides activation lock detection, adding a layer of security for purchases of reconditioned phones. Additionally, you receive the assurance of thoroughness because the diagnostic program quickly finds banned devices.

In addition to performing tests on the hardware, connectivity, screen, sound, and battery, MobiTEST provides thorough diagnostic reports for record-keeping. 

Starting Off

For both you and your customer, effective diagnostic software enables you to receive immediate information on the device’s condition. Your customer will be able to understand the type of repairs necessary and any potential expenses involved. Second, it saves a significant amount of time spent on manually checking the devices prone to errors.

Diagnostic software will significantly increase the efficiency of your operations as your repair business expands and you receive more repair orders.

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