Best Suppliers of Cell Phone Repair Parts in the USA

Muhammad Saqib

January 09, 2023

Best Suppliers of Cell Phone Repair Parts in the USA

Do you want to discover the top USA vendors of cellphone repair parts? If yes, keep reading!

Everyone wants a brand-new sparkly smartphone. However, the current state of the world economy has made many flagship smartphones beyond the means of a typical user. According to statistics, there are currently 5.32 billion different cell phone users worldwide. It doesn’t take a genius to determine the lucrative opportunities of opening a mobile phone repair business. However, finding trusted wholesale suppliers of cell phone repair parts to stock your inventory does require focused market research, to avoid losing money or even worse–customers, due to getting parts from unreliable and dishonest suppliers who sell counterfeit or low-quality parts. 

Have you discovered the top USA vendors of cellphone repair parts? 

If not, allow us to explain this to you briefly: A top-of-the-line smartphone costs about $1000. Purchasing this will drain anyone’s pocketbook dry. However, getting an older model and having it fixed will still be less expensive than a new one.

The US market for used cell phones is rather huge and it is still expanding. You may check out a variety of repair parts sellers to diversify the repairs you offer. Profitability comes from taking advantage of this versatility of suppliers and parts.

Always have essential spare parts for the devices that you offer repair services to, and you will never be in a position where you have to turn away a customer due to a shortage of supplies. Also, with a repair ticket management software, you will stay informed regarding your low-stock parts. 

Without further ado, here are the top 5 US providers of cell phone repair parts:

One of the biggest suppliers of mobile phone parts is Mobilesentrix. They specialize in selling both new and old cell phone parts.

1) MobileSentrix

For many repair stores looking to step up their game in the provision of cell phone repair parts, MobileSentrix serves as the face. It is also interesting to note that they provide lifetime warranties on many of their items. Repair business owners like yourself may feel secure knowing that replacement is easy if anything you buy is defective. However, you should be aware of stock accessibility in advance. North America is the primary supplier market for MobileSentrix. They are renowned for providing helpful client care. Additionally, you can count on them to deliver your item whenever and wherever you need it.

2) Injured Gadgets

Injured Gadgets is one of the most reliable sources of replacement parts for cell phones in the USA. They source their repair parts straight from the respective manufacturers, which shows that even the manufacturers deem them as a reliable partner.

Before releasing any of its items to the market, they perform a stringent examination procedure. Injured gadgets make sure that its customers receive the highest quality mobile phone repair parts with this method. This also falls under the industry-affordable price bracket.

So, this is a win-win situation for you and Injured Gadgets. Also, don’t forget to add them to your cell phone repair software for easy orders.

3) Phone LCD Parts

Phone LCD Parts is one of the best sources to procure repair parts for all types of cell phones. They sell all kinds of cell phone parts. They always have premium spare parts for both common and uncommon smartphone models. Their primary offerings are LCDs and auxiliary components. In addition, Phone LCD Parts’ catalog has a wide range of additional goods like Cell phone covers, charging cords, Bluetooth speakers, microphones, and chargers are some of them.

Additionally, you can discover the various kits and tools needed to repair cell phones. Check them out; you can get plenty of assistance with your repairs.

4) Mengtor

Mengtor has made a name for itself in the repair sector as a serious business. They have more than ten years of experience selling the best parts to repair stores. It’s also interesting to note that Mengtor has one of the vast inventories of cell phone repair parts in the US market.

Additionally, Mengtor sells tablet and gaming console spare parts too. It increases the number of repair stores that are their regular customers and diversifies the value they contribute to the repair industry.

5) Mobile Defenders

Mobile Defenders, as their name suggests, are your first line of protection against faulty repair parts. They are one of the trustworthy parts suppliers in the US!

Mobile defenders pride themselves on the premise that quality and consistency go hand in hand. Mobile Defenders is the solution if you’re looking to acquire reliable mobile phone repair parts.

In addition, the business purchases some of its repair components directly from original equipment manufacturers while purchasing others through distributors and supply firms.

Now that you have the list of the top 5 cell phone repair parts in the USA, make sure to invest in the best Repair POS software as well so that your repair business could continue to thrive as the repair industry continues to expand.

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