Covid-19 Relief Packages for Businesses

Muhammad Saqib

April 23, 2020

Covid-19 Relief Packages for Businesses

COVID-19 destruction is increasing daily by manifolds. 90 retail giants including Nike have started closing down their stores globally. Also, in the past four weeks, almost 26 million USA citizens have applied for unemployment benefits, which is the highest unemployed number of USA citizens after the Great Depression. With 13 percent of unemployment ratio, and small businesses getting crushed by Corona Volcano, what’s next?

Next is the relief plan to somehow stabilize the businesses and the financial liabilities of the business owners. Following are the relief options for all of you to apply for:

  1. Bubble Small Business Grants:

    This social networking app is providing assistance of up to $5000 to small businesses, which are affected by COVID-19. Apply here: Bumble Relief Plan.

  2. Facebook:

    Facebook has granted $100 million in cash grants and ad credits for small businesses being affected by COVID-19 in 30 countries including the USA. Apply here:  Facebook’s Small Business Relief Plan.

  3. Small Business Association:

    SBA is providing $2 million for small businesses affected by COVID-19.
    Apply here:  SBA’s Funding Programs.

  4. Cares Act:

    This federal act was signed on 27 March 2020 into Law. It has dedicated $350 billion as a cushion for small businesses against COVID-19. Read more here:  Coronavirus Small Business Guide

  5. The Coronavirus Preparedness and Response Supplemental Appropriations Act:

    This act provides $8.3 billion to federal agencies to combat against Coronavirus outbreak and effects. From which $7.3 billion will be provided to the US Small Business Administration to assist small businesses.

  6. Other Organizations:

    Following organizations are also providing loans and assistance to Small businesses to fight against the cureless Coronavirus

  7. Chamber of Commerce Directory for States, Cities, and Territories
  8. Berkley Relief Fund
  9. California Rapid Response Services
  10. Florida Disaster Loans
  11. Los Angeles City Small Business MicroLoans
  12. Maryland Small Business Emergency Grant Fund
  13. Maryland Small Business Loans
  14. New Mexico Business Loan Guarantee Program
  15. NYC Employee Retention Grant Program
  16. NYC Small Business Assistance
  17. New Jersey Business Loans
  18. Philadelphia Business Relief Fund
  19. Pittsburgh Business Assistance
  20. Salt Lake City Emergency Loan Program
  21. City of San Francisco Small Business Resiliency Fund
  22. Amazon’s Seattle Small Business Relief Fund
  23. Seattle Small Business Stabilization Fund
  24. Texas Rapid Response Services

With the world crumbling around us, and our lifetime hard work of building our business is falling down in front of our eyes, what shall we do? Give up and lose hope or stay strong and fight even harder? The option is clear to us because we have seen world wars, great depression and earthquakes, storms, and whatnot. But we had always stayed strong and fought bravely against all adversaries. Because we are fighters and nothing can weaken our resolve.


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