Instagram your Business

Masum Iqbal

January 06, 2020

Instagram your Business

Instagram your Business!

“A Picture is worth thousand words”. So, instead of writing long copy of ads and publishing them on digital and print media, your business simply needs to adapt Instagram, to spread your message to target audience more effectively. Instagram allows businesses to create a solid marketing campaign with the use of attractive images.

Instagrammers know the content for their feed, you just need to create a content that your business represents to display on feeds of your target audience.   

Let’s learn how to create a successful business profile on Instagram:

1) Build your Business Instagram’s Profile

Instagram your Business

Building up your Instagram account is the first and the most important step for a marketing strategy. Follow these tips:

  • Write an effective bio, which is short and precise, but also explains your business briefly.
  • Include a link of your website in your bio, if you have one. Whenever a new follower enters the virtual door of your Instagram space, he/she will be received by your bio. Eventually, you might want to lead them to your website.
  • The most important step is to use an image for your Instagram display, which depicts your brand vividly and also stands out from your competitors. Keep your image and name consistent throughout your marketing campaign or profile life. 

2) Create Engaging Content

Yes, with all the millennials, and youngsters on Instagram, your content should be alive and consistent to create an appetite in your target audience for the daily posts from your business profile. Content should be simple, yet creative. For example, your content should be:

  • Entertaining and aesthetically pleasant instead of hard selling
  • Variety of pictures of your products/services
  • High quality of images
  • Personal element
  • Promotion of events
Instagram your Business

You can also utilize user generated content of your followers on your business profile to give your target audience a sense of belonging to your business.



For example, following brand used their follower’s image on their Instagram profile.

Instagram your Business

3) Get Followers

The best way to get followers on Instagram is to be consistent with your content. Use appropriate #hashtags, which attracts maximum number of your target audience towards your post. With the use of right hashtags, your post will appear on search feed of Instagram, which in result, will help people to get in touch with your profile. Do remember that during your marketing campaign, you should have a consistent hashtag, which solely represents your business.

You can also advertise your products/services, and get followers through it. Advertising on Instagram is very easy. Just download the Pages Manager app, and advertise your Instagram/FB profile/page through it.  


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