Future of Cellphone Repair Industry

Masum Iqbal

October 10, 2019

Future of Cellphone Repair Industry

Choosing a career is always a critical decision in every student’s life. Evaluating the needs and new inventions in the interest field is very important. The same is the case with the decision of choosing a profession and business. You have to research in-depth regarding the certain business and analyze the upcoming scenarios beforehand to understand the challenges and opportunities. In this blog, you will understand the challenges and opportunities for opening or running a cellphone repair store.

Repair is not a new concept. Repairmen or mechanics have always fixed broken or malfunctioned things. Anything or technology of the day that people can’t live without, thus have the highest number of mechanics or repairmen for that field. Before the advent of phone or internet, transportation technologies or vehicles mechanics were in abundant numbers everywhere there were vehicles to be found. Since the adaptation of communication devices, namely phones, in our everyday lives, there have been a surge of repair experts of such devices; aka cell phone repair shops.

Thousands of cell phones repair related businesses have sprung up all over the country over the last decade or so. In USA alone, there are more than two hundred and fifty million smartphone users. This obviously means the industry is huge, and it’s a huge opportunity for repair professionals. Repairing a cellphone is as delicate as running a cellphone repair store, which requires an effective repair point of sales system.  


Just like we use our vehicles for almost every commute, we use our phones too for every phone call, messages, photo shoots, social media communications, work and so much more. Comparing to vehicles, or any other technology of 21st century, most people use their phones, more frequently than any device. So, this means wear and tear of phones naturally exceed deterioration of any other gadgets that we own, and thus phones will require more repair than other things we own. Since phones are a personal commodity in which every user has some sensitive and important data, and the cost of repair is far cheaper than getting a replacement or new device, this naturally opens up incredible opportunities for phone repair experts. 


However, since there are so many customers to serve, only those repair businesses who have a robust Repair POS software system can effectively and speedily serve this huge market. And since we live in an age of information and internet at our fingertips, and most people tend to leave reviews of products or service, it is absolutely essential to pick a Repair POS system that is created with the ease of customer service in mind, including but not limited to having progress tracking ability, loaner phone options within the POS software, text messages of completion of service, and so on—so that every satisfied customer becomes compelled to leave a good review on social media or maps or other sources where they found the repair business at the first place.

Key for Success:

The cellphone repair industry has seen an annual growth of 4.4 percent during 2013 – 2018 and more than 8500 new repair stores have started their business. Future 5 years holds a vast opportunity for you to become a market leader in cellphone repair industry if you keep these two basic rules in your mind:

  1. Hire skilled professionals who are not only skillful, but also knowledge about the future of the industry
  2. Get an effective repair POS system that is designed to create an amazing experience for customers, enough to the point that they leave a feedback for your business and trusts your business for their repair needs.


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