How to Get 5-Star Reviews on Demand With CellSmart POS

Muhammad Saqib

March 11, 2019

How to Get 5-Star Reviews on Demand With CellSmart POS

In 2019, it’s tough to make it as a wireless dealer…

Especially if you’re in a big city, where there’s competition around every block. And if you’re competing for prepaid customers—it’s even worse….

Because if you don’t have unique services to set yourself apart, you’re forced into the price war. Cutting prices to win customers until razor-thin profits are all that’s left… Then you’re trapped in a race-to-the-bottom, where everyone loses.

But with CellSmart POS, there’s a better way… Forbes said it best:

 “Online reviews are the best thing that ever happened to small businesses.”–Forbes1

Reviews Aren’t Just Nice to Have…

They’re your ticket out of the race-to-the-bottom.


Consider this recent study2 by Podium, which discovered:

  • 93% of people use online reviews to make purchasing decisions.
  • 81% of people use Google to find reviews on local businesses.
  • 68% of people will pay 15% or more for the same service if they believe they’ll have a better experience.

That means Google reviews are your ticket to…

  • Set yourself apart from the competition without the razor-thin profit margins.
  • Increase your profit margins so you can stop working in your business… and start working on
  • Get more customers while increasing your prices. (Without spending a dime on advertising.)

Now… if you’d like to learn the 3 steps to create reviews for your business on demand—keep reading.

First, Make it Easy to Review You

Your customers are busy.

That means one key to reviews-on-demand is making it effortless to review your business. That’s why…

First, you’ll create a custom link that goes straight to your Google Review page in one click:

How to Get 5-Star Reviews on Demand With CellSmart POS

It’ll take you 5-minutes if you follow this step-by-step process:

  1. Click here and then find “Create a link using the PlaceID LookUp Tool.”How to Use Google PlaceID Lookup Tool
  2. Enter your business name in the search box labeled “Enter a location.”
  3. Press enter, then click your business name once it appears.Google PlaceID for Your Business

  4. Select and copy your Place ID—it’s under your business name, and above your location.
  5. Create your link by replacing “DELETE” with your Place ID in the following URL:

Now, when a customer clicks this link it’ll take them directly to your Google Reviews page. This is essential because making it easy to leave you reviews is half the battle.

Let’s look at an example:

Here’s an Example Using CellSmart POS

Take CellSmart POS in New York for example:

Steps 1-3: See above.

Step 4: Find and copy your Place ID: ChIJW8G62s7ywokRJ0tjvtPyQic

Step 5: Replace DELETE with your Place ID in this link:

If you’d prefer, you can also create a shorter link via a URL shortener, like Bitly.

Either way, once you have your custom link, you’re ready for this next step…

Here’s the Secret to 5-Star Reviews on Demand (Hint: CRM…)

With your custom link handy, you’re almost ready to get reviews whenever you want. The last piece is using two of CellSmart POS’s best features: the CRM and text messaging module.

You see…

If you know where to look—getting 5-star reviews is easy…

The trick to creating 5-star reviews on-demand is identifying perfect opportunities. That means watching for customers who had an above-and-beyond experience at your shop. For instance…

  • They had an issue, and you saved the day…
  • They’re a repeat customer, but they’ve yet to leave a review…
  • They complimented you on your amazing service or your staff’s friendliness…

Don’t overcomplicate it. Just look for happy customers and then make a note within each customers CRM profile. It’s simple enough to train retail employees fast—and deadly effective at creating 5-star reviews.

(While also avoiding those nasty 1-3 star reviews and smothering the ones you’ve got…)

After that, you’re ready for this last step…

Using CellSmart POS’s Text Message Module…

Now we can create reviews on demand.

Simply combine the custom link you created earlier, and the perfect customers you identified. Then send a text message asking for a review. Here are three basic methods:

  1. Basic
    Hey Dave, thanks for coming into CellSmart today! If you’ve got a sec, could you review us on Google? It’ll help people see the type of work we do. Here’s an easy link: Point(s):
  • Show appreciation and thank them for their business.
  • Ask politely for a review.
  • Give a reason why.
  1. Personalized
    Hey Dave—it’s George from CellSmart. Told my fiancé about your crazy fender-bender, and she’s still laughing! Anyway, if you’ve got a sec could you leave us a quick review? Here’s an easy link: Point(s):
  • Mention something personal from their recent interaction in your shop. (Which you’ll record in the CRM after a satisfied customer checks out.)
  1. Incentives
    Hey Dave, thanks for coming into CellSmart today! To show our appreciation, use code TY10 for 10% off your next visit. Also, if you have a sec could you leave us a quick Google review? Here’s an easy link: Point(s):
  • Do NOT offer an incentive in exchange for reviews. That’s against Google’s terms-of-service and it may get you banned

Those are three basic approaches for writing texts that generate reviews. They’ll work best if you use them for inspiration—instead of copying line-for-line. Add a dash of your personality, your brand, follow the key points.

And then get ready for…

An Easier Way to Grow Your Business

If you follow this simple process, you can create 5-star reviews on demand for your cell phone shops. Which means you can increase your prices… get more customers… and maximize profits so you can finally scale your business.

If you found this article helpful, share it with your friends…

And if you’re a cell phone dealer not already using CellSmart POS? You’re doing it on hard-mode—there’s a better way…

With CellSmart POS—the ultimate unfair advantage for cell phone dealers. Click here to claim your free trial now.



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