Send Promotions

Muhammad Saqib

June 27, 2018

Send Promotions

Dear Valued Retailers,

Let your customers know when you’ve got a sale going on, have that latest phone in stock or just want to wish them happy holidays!   Our Promotion Text-blast is the best way to notify all of your customers about the latest deals you’ve got for them. And it is super effective as you are targeting the people in your neighborhood.  At just 2 pennies per text, it is also quite affordable. For example, a text to 1,000 customers would only cost you $20. Compare that with printing a 1,000 flyers and hiring a flyer guy!

Here is how to use Promotions feature in CellSmart POS:

1: Click on Admin Tools and click Send Promotion. Then click the blue plus sign to create a new promotion.

Send Promotions

2: Type in your message, select the carriers for customers you’d like to target. 

3: Add the funds required to send the promotion and press Send.

Send Promotions

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