Print labels for Phones

Muhammad Saqib

May 15, 2018

Print labels for Phones

Dear Valued Retailers,

We at CellSmart POS are constantly trying to help you get the maximum out of our software in order to carry out day to day operations as smoothly as possible. Recently we added a feature for your serialized inventory to add labels directly from your inventory list. This way you can print labels and organize your phones in the most efficient manner.

Follow  these simple steps in order to print the labels for your serialized inventory:

1: Click on inventory on your dashboard

2: Select the category of phones for which you want to print the labels

3: Select the specific name of the phone to view all the IMEIs

4: Click on the label option as shown in the picture below to print the label for a specific phonePrint labels for Phones

Take advantage of this nifty feature and never miss out on any product that needs to be labeled.

Thank you and happy selling!!

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