Our Boost Mobile Exclusive Store located on 31 West Burnside Ave in the  Bronx, New York is now up for SALE!!


The current rent on the store is only $1,680 a month. For such a busy area, that price is definitely a steal. Most importantly this store can be all yours for only $90,000.

If you’re looking to either expand your cell phone business or own your first store today, you are in luck! We have an incredible lease offer that you can not resist. Plus the rent is unusually low for this competitive, well-known area.

Store Specifics

Our store is two floors high with the bottom floor measuring 42ft X 12ft and the top floor measuring 25ft X 12ft. We opened up the store with a 25-year lease and currently still have a remainder of 10 years left.

What’s Better Than That?


our store is one block away from the number four train stop,  with a bus stop right out front. It is along the route of Bronx Community College, so additional to foot traffic we also attract a lot of college students. Since we’ve been in the business for well over 15 years, we have a lengthy list of loyal customers that could all be yours.

What are you waiting for?? Call us RIGHT NOW at (917)  529-7186 and ask for Saqib to schedule a viewing of the property.

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