Creative Ways a POS System Can Continue to Communicate with Customers

Muhammad Saqib

July 05, 2017

Creative Ways a POS System Can Continue to Communicate with Customers

Part of running a successful cellphone shop involves keeping in communication with your customers, even between purchases. This can be a daunting task; managing a contact list and sending the right emails at the right times takes precision. Fortunately, the right POS system and tools can make it easier for you to communicate with customers regularly.

#1 – It Can Keep Your Contact List Up-to-Date

One of the toughest facets of keeping in contact with your customers involves keeping their contact information in a safe, secure way. When you choose a POS system designed specifically with cellphones store owners in mind, this all changes. In fact, every time you create a payment receipt for a customer, your POS software could be storing that customer’s information in a database on your behalf. This means that every customer you engage with is a lead – even if he or she simply came into your store to pay his or her bill. That affords you more opportunity than ever before.

#2 – It Boosts Email Marketing Efforts

Do you have overstock of a specific device? Were you offered a fantastic deal on a bulk purchase by a phone vendor? Either of these scenarios presents a perfect opportunity to run a promotion, but that promotion will only benefit you if you can get the word out. While you could pay for radio and television advertisements, or even simply hang flyers around town, email marketing is a better, more convenient, and a more cost-effective method. Since your POS is already keeping track of your customers, all you have to do is generate the email about your promotion and click send. That’s all there is to it!

#3 – It Can Send Automated Emails Per Your Preferences

Communicating with people after they’ve done business with you is very important to maintaining your customer base. For example, you might thank someone in person for purchasing a device or trusting their device to your repair team, but this is often forgotten later. Automated emails are a great way to follow up with your customers a day or two after they’ve left your store. This way, your past customers feel as if you truly do care about the experiences they had with your company. You can even give them an opportunity to provide feedback in this manner, which can help you improve the way you do business in the future.

#4 – POS Systems Can Help Maintain Loyalty Programs

If there’s one thing the cellphone industry is notorious for doing, it’s rewarding new customers who switch their service providers while forgetting about the loyal customers and leaving them behind. One of the best ways to improve your customer base and keep people coming back involves offering a loyalty program for this very reason. Your POS system will keep track of transaction types and dates, and it’s even possible to send customers reminders when it’s been a year since their last device purchase. You might opt to provide a discount for customers who return to your store to process their device upgrades, and you can even notify them through partially automated emails.

As you can see, there are several ways in which your cellphone store’s POS system can help you keep in contact with your customers all with minimal effort on your part. It can boost your marketing efforts, help you reward your loyal customers, make people aware of upcoming promotions, and even automate part of your emails for you. These things combined make customers happy, and they’ll keep coming back to your store time and again.

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