Staying competitive in today’s cell phone industry means carrying the right devices and products. It’s up to you to do your research and learn about the newest technologies and offerings, but in general, there are some items you should keep in stock at all times. Here’s what you need to know about today’s must-have cell phone products.

Devices for Every Budget

While stocking up on the latest and hottest phones is a no-brainer, it’s surprising to discover that many cell phone stores focus only on the latest generation iPhone and Samsung Galaxy devices, but forget about the huge percentage of consumers who purchase other brands. Samsung, Google Pixel, and iPhone are the top selling brands for the first half of 2017, but other brands, such as LG and Nokia, are still incredibly popular among consumers, too. Make sure you’re stocking all the popular devices – not just Samsung and Apple options. This gives your customers a choice, regardless of their budgets, style preferences, and hardware needs.  And as antiquated as a simple flip phone may seem, it is still one of the fastest selling types of phones, with many of the older consumers opting for a more simple device.

Phone Protection (Cases and Screen Protectors)

A customer who spends $500 or more on the latest device will likely want to invest a little more to keep it protected. Your goal as a cell phone store owner should be to provide an all-inclusive service that allows each customer to walk out the door with a protected, updated, and ready-to-use device. Make sure you have all the top-rated screen protectors and phone cases, such as LifeProof, Otterbox, and others, on display. You should also provide a selection of wallet cases, decorative cases, and other accessories.

Fitness Accessories and More

Just about everyone owns a Fitbit (or its equivalent) these days, and both Apple and Samsung offer watches that tie into their latest generation phones, too. For some, these accessories offer convenience or a way to keep themselves healthy. For others, they’re simply novelties. Regardless, keeping these items on hand in your store is vital to your ability to provide the best possible customer service and close every single sale. You can give your customers a hands-on demonstration, which may drive them to buy.

Popular Earbuds and Headphones

Finally, a good portion of cell phone owners across the country utilize earbuds, headphones, or wireless headsets. These allow them to listen to their favorite music or even operate their devices hands-free, which is important for safety. Beats earbuds and headphones are always hot sellers, but you should stock options for every budget, too. Wireless headsets are another important accessory you should offer your customers. Make sure you keep display items available to your customers so they can see, feel, and interact with them, as well.

Your cell phone store might focus on the sale of devices, but to provide a full-service, value-added experience, you should offer a wide variety of accessories to go along with them. This list can help you stock the right items at the right times, which is sure to keep your customers happy both now and in the future.

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